Niessing Color Rings

Your personal color mix

The tune for today

A suave flow of colors on one day, and a colorful row on the next: rings for your very personal melody. Each day has a different tune.

Niessing aura® Color Rings

All is in flow

Your personal composition

Gold colors flowing smoothly from suave gray to gentle red: this is the magical color flow of Niessing aura®. Seven delicate rings perfectly present the unique range of colors and invite you to ever new compositions: gentle and full of harmony today, playful and bold tomorrow. Is there a ring disturbing the order!? Are all seven of them in a wild jumble? Try out something new each day!

Collect and combine

Niessing aura® rings are perfect for collecting. Would you like to start your collection with gentle red or rather with suave gray? Or with any of the color tones flowing between these two? And which one will be next? The possibilities are virtually endless!

Have the rings express your personal melody. If you wish, the sparkle of small diamonds will accompany the play.

Niessing Color Rings

Life is colorful

Discover your favorite tune!

All life is change, all is in flow… Eight colors, eight rings to change with each day. Today’s life is not from yesterday, either.

Composing and collecting

Compose your own melody of colors: Slender rings of platinum and gold in seven unique Niessing Colors invite exceptional and graceful compositions. Do you prefer the cooler tones of gray? The warmer tones of gold or red? Or a confident combination of all colors? Would you like to start your collection with three or four Niessing Color Rings? Or did you fall in love with all eight colors straight away? Find your personal color mix to express your favorite tune: Each day has a different sound.

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