Niessing Diamond Accent

Pure form, sheer pleasure

Less is more

A large diamond, perfectly embedded in a cylinder of precious metal: less is simply more! You can set a clear accent with earrings or with pendants for the Niessing Coil.

Niessing Diamond Accent pendant

Focused on the diamond

Reduced setting

A cylindrical form holds a diamond: This is simplicity reduced to the essential. The setting itself is completely unobtrusive, directing all attention without distraction to the diamond and its pure, sublime sparkle.

Sublime Sparkle

The cylinder of platinum or of gold in one of many Niessing Colors is both a setting and a beautiful piece of jewelry in itself. It is designed with precision to lift the diamond onto a stage. The shiny edges highlight the diamond’s sparkle. The cylinder is closed toward the back, and the Niessing Coil is passed through a small opening.

Alone or in company

A Niessing Diamond Accent makes a beautiful pendant for the Niessing Coil on its own, but it also looks great together with a large platinum or gold sphere. A platinum cylinder with a white diamond and a Rosewood gold cylinder with a naturally cinnamon-colored diamond will make a beautiful couple! Perhaps you prefer a yellow diamond surrounded by gold in sparkling Spring Green? Or one cylinder large and beaming, the other small and graceful?

Alone or in company, discreet or powerful: it is up to you to set the accent!

Niessing Diamond Accent earrings

Set your face aglow

Pure form, sheer pleasure

Small cylindrical forms hold the diamonds: simple, clear, and beautiful. The focus is on the sparkling stones; the setting is completely unobtrusive.

Nature’s most beautiful colors

You have the choice between platinum and gold in one of many Niessing Colors, between pure white and naturally colored diamonds. Enjoy exciting compositions of precious metal and precious diamonds. The simple form of the earrings gives opportunity to unlimited combinations of the most beautiful colors in nature.

Discreet highlights for a sparkling statement

The cylinders are designed with precision to lift the diamonds onto a stage. The shiny edges highlight the diamonds’ sparkle. With smaller diamonds, Niessing Diamond Accent ear studs will shine a discreet highlight—and they will set a sparkling, eye-catching statement with larger diamonds.

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