Niessing Pointed Bow necklace

A beautifully clear statement

Nothing but the essential

A necklace formed of generous hoop elements and nothing else. Reduced to the essential, it covers up nothing and merges with the wearer. Discover the life in it.

Nothing to hide

Slender yet sturdy hoops of platinum or gold turn into a generous necklace. At the top, around the neck, the hoops are smaller and grow gradually and gently larger downward. Like a sophisticated statement, the jewelry reveals more than it covers up. The slightest movement becomes music. The play of the pointed bows magically attracts the eye.

Niessing Quinta

Earrings and more

Five in one

Three slender yet sturdy hoop elements of precious metal are interlinked. One turn of the hand changes the earrings from long pendants to a compact piece of ear jewelry. As indicated in the name “Quinta”, there are five different variations.

Romantic, classic, or avantgardistic?

Your form, your occasion, your expression, recreated over and over again. You are the one to create your personality: romantic, classic, emotional, sophisticated, classy, playful, avantgardistic… Niessing Quinta can be orderly, overlapping, chaotic earrings—or broochs or pendants for the Niessing Coil. Niessing Quinta, because life can be so simple!

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