Niessing Topia

Discover new ground!

Which Topia will you find?

Hand-folded, slender discs of precious metal turn into pendants, earrings, brooches, lapel pins, and rings. Discover your very own personal landscape: Which Topia will you find?

New and refreshing design

Topia, meaning “landscape painting” in Latin, is a fresh and new jewelry design with an appearance that is floral and graphically clear at the same time. Each individual piece of jewelry has its very own character, surprisingly free and light.

Niessing Topia

Time to travel…

Niessing Topia is a trip around the world; it is inspired by the vastness of pristine nature. The jewelry in gold brings desert dunes to mind; Niessing Topia in platinum reminds of the world’s highest mountains.

Niessing Topia pendant

Impressions of light and shade

Let your mind wander…

The folds in the jewelry create a texture with a suave and soft look. Gold and platinum shimmer in hues and colors as never seen before.

Can precious metal take the features of a natural landscape? Niessing Topia brings mountains, valleys, freedom and vastness to mind. Join us on our Topia trip.

Landscapes for the Niessing Coil

The Topia pendant for the Niessing Coil is generous and breezily light at the same time. The matt surface texture intensifies the three-dimensional appearance, while the high-gloss polished edges emphasize the crystal outline. We can add a brooch pin to the Topia pendant if you wish.

Niessing Topia ring

Floral and graphic at the same time

Impressive statement

Crystal clarity and floral variety: the three-dimensional pieces of jewelry capture the light in all colors and reflect it in varying intensity.

The large, decorative Topia ring is like a flower of crystals. The ring winds gently around the finger and flares out organically to form the folded disc. A highly visible statement—and unmistakably you.

Niessing Topia earrings

Color shades as never seen before

Naturally beautiful

Nature itself creates the most beautiful symmetry: ice crystals, artful honeycombs, the wings of a butterfly… Nature’s design skills are unrivaled; they have inspired Niessing Topia.

Airily thin precious metal is folded by hand and turns into ear jewelry that is expressively expansive, yet light and delicate. Niessing Topia captures all colors of the light spectrum and reflects them in varying intensity. Gold and platinum shimmer in shades and colors as never seen before, the impressive play of light and shade casting a glow on your face. Every pair of Niessing Topia earrings has a left and a right earring, specifically made for perfect fit to each ear: charming and unique.

Niessing Topia Littles

Miniature landscapes made of crystals

Inspired by the beauty in small details

Whoever goes through the world with an open mind, will find natural landscapes and crystal structures in small details: frost flowers in the morning sun, reflections mirrored in the snow, ice crystals dancing in the glistening sunlight… Discover the beauty in small details with Niessing Topia Littles.

Topia, prêt-à-porter

Topia Littles are earrings and pendants to wear every day. They are small but fine—and the perfect add-on for the larger pieces of Topia jewelry.

Every pair of Niessing Topia Littles has a left and a right earring, specifically made for perfect fit to each ear—a charming caress for your face.

The Niessing Topia Littles pendants on the short Niessing Coil fit naturally to your neck. Although delicate, they make a dynamic and powerful appearance. Beauty in small details, ready to wear.

Niessing Topia Bouton

True understatement

A small flower for men who would like to underline their style. For the buttonhole, the lapel, or the T-shirt: always different, always new. Niessing Topia Boutons are uncomplicated, expressive, casual—the perfect gift for the sophisticated man of the world.

Niessing Topia brooch

Mystic landscapes

Crystal design

Delicately thin precious metal is hand-folded to form a decorative accessory: warm and gentle in gold, crisp and clear in platinum. Make a statement with your Niessing Topia brooch. Which Topia will you discover?

The Topia brooch has a slender pin that is curved to a semicircle for the perfect fit. We can manufacture this expressive and expansive jewelry to have both a pin and a loop for the Niessing Coil, so that you can wear your Topia landscape as a brooch and as a pendant. The choice is all yours!

Niessing Colors

Gold and platinum, shiny and new

At Niessing, we have been producing our own precious metal alloys since 1873. Meanwhile, an unrivaled number of more than 40 alloys are Niessing creations. Platinum and gold show a completely new side. Discover Niessing platinum and gold in the most beautiful Niessing Colors!

Award winners!

Red Dot for Topia

Traditional craftsmanship and innovative high tech methods form the foundation of a completely new design language. Because of this assessment by the Red Dot Jury, Niessing Topia was awarded the “Red Dot: Best of the Best” for highest design quality and groundbreaking design 2014.

Niessing Topia Design

From paper to precious metal

Crystal landscapes

The basic idea of Niessing Topia comes from the very special beauty of folded paper. Starting out with folded sheets of paper in the beginning of the design process, increasingly complex paper sculptures emerged over time: fascinating objects with astounding heights and depths, creating objects that remind us of mountains and valleys, of natural landscapes.

From folded paper to precious jewelry: join us on a tour through around the Niessing manufactory and watch our designers at work on Niessing Topia.

Niessing Topia



Topia brooch

The hand-folded jewelry captures light in all colors and reflects it in varying intensity in an impressive play of light and shade.



Topia earrings

The pair has a left and a right earring, specifically made for perfect fit: expressively expansive, yet lightweight and delicate.



Topia pendant

Can precious metal take the features of a natural landscape? Niessing Topia brings mountains, valleys, freedom and vastness to mind. Which Topia will you find?



Topia ring

Delicate discs of precious metal are hand-folded to form large, floral shapes that organically grow into the ring band, which gently winds around your finger.



Topia Littles earrings

Topia, meaning “landscape painting” in Latin, makes your personal landscape come alive:  crisp and clear in platinum, warm and gentle in gold.



Topia Littles pendant

Frost flowers in the morning sun, reflections mirrored in the snow… Topia Littles are inspired by the beauty in small details.



Topia Bouton

A flower for him to wear in that timeless manner in the buttonhole, elegantly at the lapel, or casually with a T-shirt. Always different, always new…


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