Living jewelry culture

Jewelry makes every day special

We want our jewelry to be emotional…

Jewelry brings happiness. Jewelry makes us interesting. Jewelry makes life beautiful. This is an external effect, simply because we look better wearing jewelry. Jewelry works internally, too. Jewelry says so much about the people wearing it, about their moods, and about their personality. Jewelry is an attitude to life.

…and expressive

At Niessing, we expect a whole lot from our jewelry. Jewelry has to express individuality. It has to fit the present and be timeless, too. Jewelry has to appeal to the intellect. And it should go straight to the heart. Wonderfully paradox demands! And also a great challenge for the Niessing designers.

How can jewelry emphasize personality? Simply by the beauty of the precious stones and metals that are used, of course. But also by a smart idea, a new form, or an exceptional texture. No matter whether the jewelry was made from a well-known or from a new material, whether it was manufactured with traditional or with innovative methods: it will always reveal so much about the person wearing it.

Jewelry is made of ideas…

People often ask us where our ideas come from and what will happen if they ever run dry. We are very relaxed in this matter: We are absolutely certain that our ideas will keep coming. We take our best inspirations from our culture, our lives, and from the people around us. These people have a passion and enthusiasm; they are fascinated by nature, by objects, and by materials.

…and of experiments

Ideas can also stem from rituals and stories, even from very small ones. “I only look at my wedding ring and I already feel less lonely…” At other times, something emerges from simply doing it, from trying it out, from experimenting with techniques, forms, or materials. A question may already have the answer in it. A good deal of naive curiosity is always involved. And then there is the sense for details and for the sensuousness in the objects around us.

Jewelry is personal…

Jewelry that is not worn is “merely” an object. Person and personality are missing. Jewelry is active. The effect of jewelry depends completely on the wearer and can be different each time: exciting and always new. Jewelry also has a lot to do with our relationships to others. A jewelry piece may be a gift from a loved one, or it may be a reminder of a special event. Perhaps it is a family tradition, part of a custom… jewelry rarely stands for itself.

…and part of our culture

At Niessing, we see jewelry design as part of our culture. Niessing jewelry has uncounted facets. Each piece decorates a whole life. And each piece also has a story of its own. There is always something new to be discovered.

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