The Niessing Ring®

A diamond in the moment of tension

Profound knowledge and expert craftsmanship

The Niessing Ring® is the most beautiful way of setting a diamond: a ring and a floating diamond. That is all it takes. With the invention of the tension ring by Niessing, it became possible to hold a diamond in a ring band without a setting. What sounds so simple, is in reality very complex. A quick look into our workshops reveals this: Forging a Niessing Ring® requires deep knowledge of the precious materials, expert craftsmanship, and a good deal of innovative drive.

One original—many forms

As always, what counts most are the people: Our designers, goldsmiths, and stone setters are passionate team players. Only with their skilled eyes and their love for detail is the diamond set afloat in each and every Niessing Ring®: free and yet held fast and secure. Generations of Niessing designers have been inspired by the idea of the floating diamond.

Enjoying the experimenting, our designers and and goldsmiths have expanded on the concept of the Niessing Ring®, and they have created many exceptional designs: slender or splendid rings, simple or extravagant ones, and rings that are sensuously curved or austerely architectural. Which Niessing Ring® will become your personal favorite?

The Niessing Ring®

For a lifetime

Is the diamond safe? Absolutely!

From over 30 years of experience, we know for sure that your diamond is absolutely secure when held by the tension in a Niessing Ring®! Look for the original with our stamped hallmark “Heart and Arrow”.

Will the diamond be safe entirely without a setting? The unique impression of the floating diamond inevitably raises this question. Of course, this was our question, too, in the very beginning of developing the Niessing Ring®. Today, after decades of experience and many satisfied, Niessing loving customers, we know for sure that the diamond is held securely and that the Niessing Ring® will retain its tension. There is one condition: that you treat your ring as every diamond ring should be treated. Your Niessing jeweler will advise you on the proper care!

Lasting tension

Niessing’s goldsmiths can ensure optimum tension in the ring by their great skills in handling the precious metal. Only very experienced craftspeople can forge the precious metal to the point that it will hold the diamond by sheer tension. The diamond setter needs patience and a good eye, as well. He inserts the stone into the band and meticulously looks for the exactly right position in the ring.

When the Niessing Ring® is complete, we measure the tension using a special tool. The tension has to have an exact, defined value for the stone to be held safely for all time. We engrave an identity number into each tension ring to guarantee that we have performed this and further tests.

Inspection for your ring

We will gladly examine your ring for you if you have already worn it for a long time. Perhaps you would like to have the surface refinished, too, and have a full-service inspection for your Niessing Ring®. Ask your Niessing Partner about this service.

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