Niessing Platinum

To know that it is platinum

Knowledge, patience, and skill

In order to work with platinum, our craftsmen have to understand the material. Trying to work against the precious metal is doomed to failure. Only who becomes one with the metal will succeed. This requires a good deal of knowledge, patience, and skill. Even our most experienced designers and goldsmiths continuously acquire new knowledge about platinum.

Art, by nature

Pleasant freshness meets with the deepest warmth in no other metal as it does in platinum. To describe platinum in words: nearly impossible! Touch it, take it into your hand, and feel the spark ignite. Is platinum addictive?

Niessing Platinum

Perfect tension for the Niessing Ring®

Pure, rare, and precious

30 times rarer than gold, platinum is by far more difficult to excavate. It is the most prestigious of metals for jewelry making. Platinum is excellently suited for setting diamonds. Its naturally white color perfectly brings out the fire of precious stones.

Platinum of the highest quality

We have created a very special type of platinum for the unique design of Niessing tension rings: resilient, strong, and shining brightly. Platinum 950 is almost pure platinum with only five percent of other metals added. That is important for achieving the optimum quality: Although pure platinum is tough, it is also relatively soft.

Niessing’s special designs often require new alloys for being realized: Only by developing a new platinum alloy together with a special forging technique was it possible to manufacture the extremely fine dimensions of some of our tension rings.

To feel that it is platinum

Platinum is a very rare metal, which is enormously difficult to extract from the depths of the earth. That is what makes platinum so precious. Its special characteristics, however, are what make it so desirable.

To know that it is platinum… Your heart has known it all along!

We go for quality

What you can expect from us

Platinum for everyday wear? Certainly! Platinum feels very pleasant, even to sensitive skin. Like any ring of precious metal, a platinum ring will acquire traces of wear. Since the material is so ductile, however, this does not result in any substantial loss of material. The material does not wear away, so that a platinum ring will retain its mass for a very long time.

Niessing exclusively uses high-quality platinum 950 for making jewelry. This figure represents the fineness of the alloy, that is, the ratio of platinum in the alloy, expressed as parts per 1000. The remaining 50 parts are copper or tungsten. Every piece of Niessing’s platinum jewelry has the engraving Pt 950.

Niessing Platinum is sustainably mined

We purchase our platinum and gold exclusively from Allgemeine Gold- und Silberscheideanstalt AG (AGOSI) in the German jewelry city of Pforzheim. AGOSI has been granted the “Chain of Custody Certificate”, which testifies the conflict-free origin and responsible supply chain of the precious metals. You will find more details under

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