Niessing engagement rings

Proposal ideas

The most beautiful way to get engaged

The clear design puts the focus on the precious diamond: A Niessing engagement ring is simply the most beautiful way to get engaged! Here are proposal ideas to make her heart beat faster.

Together in seventh heaven

Take to the sky with your proposal: This is a very romantic engagement option, provided that none of you is afraid of flying. Ask for her hand in heavenly heights—a proposal in a hot air balloon is something that she will remember all her life! Whether you are flying across your own hometown or across a fantastic landscape like the Grand Canyon will probably not make much of a difference…

It’s for all to know!

Perhaps you and your lover are both on the sociable side? Then she will certainly not mind your proposal to attract some attention. A young man in the German countryside had quite a spectacular proposal idea: Using 171 bales of straw, he spelled out “Will you marry me?” in plain sight on his father’s field. According to newspaper reports, it took him nine full hours. Not surprisingly, the one thus addressed did not hesitate quite as long before saying “Yes”…

Newspaper or lightbox

You own neither straw nor land? How about a personalized ad in your regional newspaper? Designed well, your loved one will immediately spot it. The weekend edition is suited best—consider having a leisurely champagne breakfast with plenty of time for reading the newspaper together.

Do you want to cause an even greater stir? Rent a billboard or an advertising lightbox and have your beloved one discover your marriage proposal right there in passing on her regular way to work or to the fitness studio.

An audience of 50,000

Is your lover an enthusiastic soccer lover? Does she like to join you when you go to watch your favorite team? Many soccer arenas offer the opportunity to use the enormous display panel. You can rent it not only for advertising, but also for proposing. Her “Yes” will cause the fans to cheer and your heart to fly!

Set the rhythm!

Even more spectacular, although not quite easy to plan, is a marriage proposal from a concert stage. Standing in the front, you might be able to convince one of the stewards of your intention and increase your chances of being invited on stage by the artist. After managing that part, all you need to do is gather what courage you have and ask her the question of all questions… While this may not be an idea totally suited for shy people, the wow effect is guaranteed!

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