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100 Years of Bauhaus

12 months to discover

The world is celebrating Bauhaus—and you are invited to join in! For each month of the year, we have selected a unique piece of Niessing jewelry that we will present to you in a completely new way.

100 years of Bauhaus

Niessing celebrates its roots

Rediscover classics, such as the Niessing Spannring® or the Niessing Sphere and Coil and find out about our most recent developments!

Each of these twelve pieces carriesthe Bauhaus idea further and translates it in terms of jewelry: bold and new, sensuous and clear, manufactured with modern high-tech methods, highly skilled expertise, and passion. Discover singular color flows and exceptional designs; enjoy the play with geometric shapes and amazing illusions. You are alsowelcome to take a look at the Niessing Bauhaus highlights personally, in our Niessing Stores and Partner Jewelry Stores.



A clear, graphic outline is joined by a logical, powerful form: Niessing Spannring®HighEnd is Bauhaus architecture for the hand. The ring opens outward at a nearly right angle. The straight surfaces hold the diamond like two protective tangent lines pointing toward the ring’s center. Surfaces and angles, straight and round forms are in perfect balance. From a wide bottom, the ring tapers unobtrusively toward the top, where ring band and diamond meet: a clear structure for a splendid performance. There is virtually no limit to the size of the diamond. Niessing Spannring®HighEnd is a splendid ring for splendid diamonds. Confidently, it lifts the diamond onto a stage, where everyone can see its beauty and sparkle. Niessing Spannring®HighEnd comes in platinum or in gold in one of many Niessing Colors. Niessing Spannring® HighEnd is clear, straightforward, and to the point—at the same time, it is smoothly rounded on the inside for highest wearing comfort. A milestone in Niessing Spannring®design history, HighEnd offers ultimate clarity for a large, precious diamond.

YEAR: 1986/2013



A sphere is the form of all forms, round and tempting. A sphere, worn as a pendant on a Niessing Coil, is jewelry in perfect harmony: Simplicity and sensuousness, both taken to their highest level! At the core of the Niessing Sphere is the art of reduction, clear forms that do away with redundant, decorative elements. That is typical of the sensuous minimalism of Bauhaus— and it is typical of Niessing design. Each and every Niessing Sphere is a masterwork. The smaller spheres are solid and pleasantly weighty. The larger ones are forged by hand to form a sphere that is both sturdy and lightweight thanks to an innovative laser method. All spheres are finished to perfection by hand in our manufactory.

YEAR: 1989



Bauhaus architecture thrives on transparency and open, light-flooded spaces. The boundaries between inside and outside dissolve. Niessing’s floating diamond ring takes Bauhaus ideas further, and translates them in terms of jewelry. The ring holds the diamond entirely without a setting, solely by the tension in the precious metal. Diamond and ring become one; the diamond receives the greatest possible degree of freedom and light. The Bauhaus theory of colors and forms associates blue with the circle, red with the square, and yellow with the triangle. Three Bauhaus tension rings embrace this idea and combine platinum with a round brilliant-cut, Classic Red gold with a square princess-cut, and Classic Yellow gold with a triangular trilliant-cut diamond. The diamond is set laterally into the wide ring band, creating a boldly dynamic and spectacularly different tension ring. Celebrate 100 years of Bauhaus with us—and venture a new look at the floating diamond!

YEAR: 2019



Niessing Artist reinterprets diamond jewelry in an entirely new style. The innovative jewelry system in platinum or in one of the Niessing Colors of gold merges completely with the Niessing Coil, tracing its soft curve and highlighting the coil itself as a beautiful piece of jewelry: classic and modern, minimalist and magical, all at the same time.

Niessing Artist translates the Bauhaus principle »form follows function« to jewelry. Thanks to its sophisticated design, Niessing Artist can be easily fit onto the Niessing Coil, where it has a safe hold.

Seven, nine, or eleven glistening diamonds dance on the Niessing Coil like sparkling spots of light. They follow their own enchanting rhythm in a stunning balancing act that is infused with artistic ease and grace. Let Niessing Artist work its spell on you!

YEAR: 2019



The Niessing Spannring® embodies our deep roots in Bauhaus design like no other jewelry piece by Niessing.

Is it possible for a ring to hold a diamond completely without a setting? In the 1970s, Ursula Exner, the granddaughter of the Niessing founder, and Walter Wittek, the sculptor from Vreden, dealt with this question. After a long time of research and experiments, the idea of the freely floating diamond was born in 1979.

For 40 years, the Niessing Spannring® has been providing fascination by its reduction to the essential.

We are celebrating the birthday of the design icon Niessing Spannring® Round with an exclusive edition limited strictly to the year 2019. Platinum or gold in the most beautiful Niessing Colors meet brilliant-cut diamonds of 0.40 ct—by request, particularly precious Canadian diamonds.

YEAR: 1979/2019
AWARD WINNERS: Als Kunstwerk urheberrechtlich geschützt 2001 (Urheber: Walter Wittek)



Modern architecture playfully explores round and angular forms, static and dynamic elements, colors and materials. Niessing Architecture similarly has its origin in the experiment. Structures and patterns, ovals, circles, and cylinders: The play with shapes is a never-ending, inexhaustible source of inspiration for the work of the Niessing designers. Niessing Architecture is an invitation to play and to feel, to combine and to collect, to wear on their own or together. Each Niessing Architecture ring has its own effect; and they all fit smoothly to one another. Monochrome, colored, or with one of the beautiful color flows Niessing aura® or Niessing Solaris?

Whatever your choice, the rings’ unique structure and their outstanding play with light and shade will add a new dimension to the Niessing Colors of precious metal

YEAR: 2019

Niessing Cube


Niessing Cube lives on surprise. Four cuboid structures are interlinked subject to a constructive order. Threaded onto the Niessing Coil or swinging from earrings, the jewelry transforms from a strict geometric shape into a cluster of dynamic rectangles. The appearance of the structure changes according to the way the coil passes through.

Niessing Cube is an architectural jewelry object in platinum or in one of the Niessing Colors of gold. What is your choice for today? Strict geometry or dynamic dance? It's all up to you - and to the surprising structures in Niessing Cube!

YEAR: 2019

Niessing Now Tattoo


Hand-forged arm bangles of gold or platinum have a long tradition with Niessing. Niessing Now Tattoo is a reinterpretation of bangles in colored Niessing Silver. This worldwide innovation in alloys was developed together with experienced metallurgists specifically for the Niessing Now collection. Niessing Silver is stronger and more durable than common silver; it lends itself to forging and forming much like gold and platinum. Three different shades of silver each create an individual style: Rose, Lime and Lava.

An individual, laser-engraved tattoo turns a Niessing Now Bangle into a personal statement. Teachers and students of Bauhaus alike enjoyed the play with letters and typography, with patterns and geometric grids.

Which motif and which Niessing Silver Color willl express your message?

YEAR: 2018/2019



The full range of colors that Niessing draws from precious metals is truly unique.

It is particularly demanding to create color flows in gold. Niessing aura® is truly unique: a gold that flows smoothly from gentle red to suave gray, with a mysterious aura that is both sensuous and pristine. Niessing Solaris casts the beauty of a sundown into gold that melts from warm red, to soft peach, to bright sunny yellow in a masterwork from our goldsmiths. The sun itself has imprinted its powerful glow onto Solaris.

The intense Niessing Colors are illuminated perfectly in the large, softly shimmering spheres of the necklaces of Niessing aura® and Niessing Solaris.

YEAR: 2010/2017

AWARD WINNERS: Niessing aura®: Red Dot Design Award Winner 2011, Niessing Solaris: Red Dot Design Award Winner 2017



Slender strips of precious metal overlap to surround a world of illusions. Gold and platinum acquire a new look; they become dazzling and enigmatically transparent. The probing play with clear lines is a typical trait of Bauhaus design that we translated into Niessing Mirage jewelry.

The greatest challenge for the designers and goldsmiths of Niessing lies in processing the precious metal to such a fine degree that it acquires this very light, feathery character. Only an innovative, advanced laser method and new manufacturing techniques developed by Niessing have made this jewelry line feasible.

Enter into a surreal dreamworld with Niessing Mirage. Which vision of beauty emerges before your inner eye?

YEAR: 2017/2019

AWARD WINNER: Red Dot Design Award Best of the Best 2017, German Design Award Winner 2018



Niessing should not limit itself to jewelry - we should design watches, too! This is what Jochen Exner, the then owner of Niessing, and the designer Günter Wermekes decided in 1991. Niessing Radius 9 entered the market two years later and is by now an established classic. The structure of the watch is as simple as it is unusual. It is composed of a stainless steel movement casing enclosed by a leather wristband and two precious metal plates. The plates are curved to form a segment of a circle with the radius of 9 centimeters, a soft curvature that fits anatomically around the wrist.

Niessing Forma and Niessing Kontura consistently continue from the trendsetting design of Niessing Radius 9: minimalist, self-confident, and timeless. Niessing Forma and Niessing Kontura will be available after fall 2019.

YEAR: 1993/2019

AWARD WINNER: Niessing Radius 9: Red Dot Design Award Winner 1994



Niessing Topia is a trip around the world through the vastness of pristine nature. The jewelry in gold is warm, gentle, and inspiring, like desert dunes. In platinum, Niessing Topia is clear, crisp, and spectacular, like the world's highest mountains.

Pendants for the Niessing Coil, brooches, earrings, or rings: they each acquire a unique, individual character of their own. Niessing Topia is expressive jewelry in an innovative design language. It is florally organic and graphically crystalline at the same time. True to Bauhaus principles, the pattern is not mere decoration, but rather serves a definite function and purpose: it lends form and stability to the piece of jewelry. The Bauhaus idea »form follows function« is carried forth in Niessing Topia and becomes »form follows emotion«.

YEAR: 2013

AWARD WINNER: Red Dot Design Award, Best of the Best 2014, German Design Award, Special Mention 2015

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