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Niessing Amatis with Niessing Satellite

Niessing engagement ring Amatis

Being one

Love, the desire of two to become one, as a source of inspiration for an engagement ring created from a single piece of precious metal: Could there be a more wonderful symbol to express deep affection? Crafted from a piece of solid gold or platinum, Amatis unites finest quality with the pursuit of perfect, holistic form. The four delicate elements of the prong setting rise from the hand-rounded band to create an intricate clasp that sets the stage for the precious diamond and irresistibly draws the attention of all eyes to its sheer beauty. Amatis captivates with its delicate form, its comfort fit, and countless possibilities for combination. It is a perfect companion for the Niessing wedding ring and, together with a Niessing Satellite Colors diamond ring, creates the most beautiful color compositions.

Niessing engagement ring Amatis

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