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Niessing Coil

Always in motion

Before the Niessing Coil existed, a link chain used to be the obvious and only choice for wearing a pendant. Those days are over! The Niessing Coil is elegantly unobtrusive, leaving the attention to the pendant. Fine and flexible, elegant and versatile. Some thirty years ago, after a phase of intense development, the Niessing Coil was ready for the success it was to create. Introduced in 1986, it offered a completely fresh, new style for necklaces. It has continued to please the lovers of pure design ever since. The coil can be exciting or simple, extravagant or fit for everyday wear—and it is always in motion. The Niessing Coil adapts to the demands of your life!


Expertise and motion

1.5 kilograms of precious metal, three experienced goldsmiths, and a whole day of work add up to 3,000 meters of gold or platinum wire for the Niessing Coil. Does that seem a simple equation? Well, it’s not!


Traditionally handmade

Our goldsmiths master the ancient craft of wire drawing to perfection. Again and again, they pull the wire of gold or platinum through special drawing dies and anneal it many times exactly at the right moment. The wire has to have a perfectly round profile for the perfect fit and form of the Niessing Coil.

Precious metals

A glow from within...

When the wires have been manufactured, they are very precisely wound around a transparent core of nylon. This core intensifies the glow of the coils from within. Each Niessing Coil is finished with a hand-polished clasp, which is easy to use and very secure.

Experience Niessing Live

Jewelry is something that needs to be looked at, touched, and tried on. Stop by and see for yourself! In our shops or those of our partners, you will be shown a large selection of engagement rings, wedding rings, and many other pieces of jewelry in the typical Niessing design.