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Niessing Signum

Niessing Signum

Keepsake of memories

Niessing Signum is a wedding ring—and a ring that will preserve those special moments in life: cheerful and serious, secret and legendary, unique and far-reaching, dear and never forgotten moments. Create your personal keepsake with Niessing Signum.

Niessing Signum

Only you know the meaning

Up to twelve freely selectable letters or characters are embossed evenly spaced into a ring of gold in Classic Yellow. The goldsmith then covers the relief very gently, as if with a cloth of gold or platinum. You can feel the characters, guess the meaning. You will enjoy twisting the ring around your finger, sensing the contours of the message, knowing what it says, longing for your lover…

Trust in time

A person’s character is never immediately revealed; it has to be discovered over time. Just like the character of the Niessing Signum ring: time will reveal more and more of the secret message.

A symbol of your close bond

The lover’s name, secret signs, an unforgettable date: your message of love forms the very essence of the wedding ring Niessing Signum. A personal message draped in gold or platinum, a signature that is a symbol of your close bond.

Experience Niessing Live

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