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Niessing Solaris Ring

Niessing Solaris

Sunset in gold

»Solaris« is the name of Niessing's most recent color flow, melting smoothly from warm red, to delicate peach, to bright yellow. Discover the most beautiful colors of gold! Red and yellow, joined in one color flow, is something absolutely new. Red and yellow—do they go together? The challenge lies in uniting two such strong colors. A mere glance at the sun will reveal that the color flow from red to yellow is both deeply natural and powerfully expressive. Solaris merges energy with emotion and casts the alluring color blaze of a sundown into this gold alloy.

Niessing Colors

Niessing Solaris


Niessing once again reinvented gold, this time resulting in Solaris. We now look back on more than 35 years of expertise in creating flowing colors transitions with gold. The exact manufacturing processes for Solaris remain our secret.

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