Niessing Ring®

Limited Edition Hearts & Arrows

Spectacular and exclusive

A unique encounter results when setting sparkling Hearts & Arrows diamonds into the Niessing tension rings Heaven and HighEnd: precious and extremely rare diamonds from Canada with an ideal cut meet contemporary design and perfect workmanship made in Germany. Only 99 rings of each model will be manufactured, all of them in platinum. Being so rare is precisely what makes them so desirable.

The Niessing Limited Edition Hearts & Arrows joins two ideals: the most beautiful, sparkling, and precious diamonds in the world—and the Niessing Ring®, the design icon capable of holding a diamond solely by the power of tension in the precious metal. Without exception, all 99 rings of each model will be manufactured in platinum as an homage to the first Niessing Ring® Platinum Edition in the year of 1981.

Discover the unique

Incomparable sparkle

Two ring forms, two diamond cuts

We selected two “sky walkers” for this limited ring edition. The Niessing tension rings Heaven and HighEnd both hold the diamond at a spectacular height, thus giving the stone as much free space as possible.

The light is reflected in all colors, allowing the precious Hearts & Arrows diamond to perfectly display its beauty. Two different diamond cuts underline the two different designs of the Niessing tension rings.

Niessing Ring® Heaven

Limited Edition Hearts & Arrows

Reaching for the sky…

The Niessing Ring® Heaven with its feminine and sweeping curves holds an Ideal Round Cut diamond of one carat. The slender, gently curved ring sweeps upward and opens up to hold a large diamond floating at a spectacular height. Reaching for the sky…

Each ring of the limited edition is added a rare, pink diamond of 0.01 ct: true understatement.

All tension rings in the Limited Edition Hearts & Arrows are stamped with the Niessing punch mark “Heart and Arrow”. This is the sign of original, genuine jewelry from our manufactory. The engraved edition number (e.g. 01/99, 02/99, etc.) indicates which of the 99 exclusive tension rings you own.

Niessing Ring® HighEnd

Limited Edition Hearts & Arrows

Confident and upright

The Niessing Ring® HighEnd with its graphically clear, austerely architectural form holds a 1.0 ct Ideal Square™ Cut diamond. This patented cut is exclusively on offer in Germany from Niessing. Confident and upright, the ring strives upward, lifting the square-cut diamond onto a stage, where everyone can see its beauty and sparkle.

A rare pink diamond of 0.01 ct further emphasizes the exclusivity of the tension rings in the limited edition. This small diamond is set into the side of the lower section of the ring, precisely beneath the tip of the solitaire diamond.

As every piece of genuine Niessing jewelry that leaves our manufactory, the tension rings of the Limited Edition Hearts & Arrows also receive the Niessing punch mark “Heart and Arrow”. In addition, they are engraved with an edition number (01/99, 02/99, etc.) to indicate which of the 99 limited rings you own.

Hearts & Arrows

meet “Heart and Arrow”

Sustainable design

The high quality and transparent mining standards of the Canadian diamonds perfectly reflect our values at Niessing: sustainable design and responsible production.

High environmental standards

Niessing purchases the Hearts & Arrows diamonds exclusively from Canada. Most of the country’s diamond resources are located north of the Arctic Circle in the Northwest Territories in mines that have only started operating a few years ago. The gemstones are mined under high environmental standards and according to clear regulations. They are subject to constant inspections by the Canadian government and they comply with the Kimberley Process requirements.

The diamonds for Niessing tension rings come from four of the five Canadian mines, and they are certified by AGS (American Gemological Society) or GIA (Gemological Institute of America). They are cut and polished by our local Canadian suppliers.

Guaranteed origin and highest quality

All Niessing diamonds used for the Limited Edition carry the Niessing logotype with the Niessing logo “Heart and Arrow”, the Canadian maple leaf, and the certificate number. This is a guarantee of origin and highest quality. Niessing Rings® from the Limited Edition come with an exclusive package that is personalized with a serial number. The diamond certificate, a Niessing ID card, and a certificate of origin from Canada are included with each ring.

Canadian Hearts & Arrows Diamonds

Extremely rare and very precious

Perfect harmony

They rank among the most beautiful, sparkling, and precious diamonds in the world; they are rated as the ideal diamonds. Less than one percent of all diamonds are Ideal Cut Hearts & Arrows diamonds. The perfect symmetry and harmony make this cut so very special. Only very few diamond cutters master this sophisticated cut, which requires highest precision and a good deal of time.

Ideal proportions

Certain angles and length ratios have to be meticulously adhered to in order to achieve the ideal proportions for the diamond. Only then will its 57 facets reflect the light perfectly. A Hearts & Arrows diamond has a fascinating sparkle and extraordinary brilliance—even when the lights are low, for instance in candlelight.

Hearts and arrows in your diamond

The rare Hearts & Arrows diamonds are also distinguished by eight arrows on the top, to be detected with a special magnifying glass—and eight hearts hidden at the bottom of the sparkling facets.

Diamond Tracing:

What is the origin of my diamond?

This is only possible for Canadian diamonds! Here you can trace the origin of your Canadian Niessing diamond back to the mine and the rough crystal.

Please enter the certificate number here:

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