Niessing Ring® Oval

Freedom and trust

Your love, your life, your ring.
Ring and diamond become one. No more and no less. The diamond fits smoothly into the soft oval, held only by the invisible power of tension, free, and yet secure. The ring is a beautiful symbol for the love between two people and a perfect engagement or wedding ring.

Smooth and balanced
Simple and simply good. A ring with an oval profile has the perfect basic form: Soft and without any edges, it smoothly fits to the finger. The form is symmetrical, steadfast, and perfectly balanced.

The power of tension

The Niessing Ring® Oval is a true design classic. The diamond seems to float in the ring; it opens up the ring’s infinite circle with its glow. The spark strikes. A love story, eternalized in a ring.

Niessing Ring® Oval

What is the color of your love?

Possibilities without end
There is the original Niessing Ring®. And then there are the Niessing Colors of gold: a sensuous spectrum for your very own style. Which combination of colored gold and diamond will bring out your personality best? A slightly reddish tone, such as Fine Rose? The sunny yellow of Classic Yellow? Or rather a

greenish gold, both fresh and warm at the same time, like Spring Green? Does a discreet tone suit you best, like Sand Gray? Or rather pure, pearly white platinum? Do you want the engagement ring to be the same color as the wedding ring? Or would you prefer a delicate or even a strong contrast? It’s your choice: It’s your love, your life, your ring!

Niessing Colors

For the joy of colors

Colors can enchant you; they create harmony. Which of the twelve Niessing Colors looks best with your complexion, which reflects your personality? Whichever you choose, the colors of love will get under your skin.

Niessing diamonds

Each stone is unique

No diamond—no engagement ring. The most precious of all gemstones stands for purity and consistency. A diamond is everlasting like your love. And each one has a character of its own. Whether sparkling white or in a beautiful natural color: find the diamond that suits you and your love best!

Niessing platinum

Pure, sensuous, beyond comparison

Platinum is an excellent material for setting diamonds. It is naturally white and perfectly brings out the fire of diamonds, making a fascinating contrast to the sparkle of a naturally colored diamond. Prickly cool and excitingly warm, pleasantly weighty and gentle as a feather. Niessing platinum is love at first sight!

A feast for the senses

Two sparkling companions

Niessing Satellite sends diamonds into their orbit. This ring loves to be in the company of peers, with a Niessing Ring®, with a wedding ring. The satellite encircles its companions with a fascinating glow.

Niessing Ring® Oval


Engagement rings


The diamond is held only by the invisible power of tension: free, and yet secure. A present-day engagement ring—and a beautiful symbol for your love.