Niessing Ring® Round

Are you ready for the original?

Award-winning classic
A simple ring and a floating diamond: an award-winning classic that made design history. The Niessing Ring® Round is the ideal engagement ring for those who appreciate clear forms and who focus on the essential: in life, in love, and for their engagement ring.

The floating diamond
A ring with a circular profile—the most powerful and original of all ring forms—and a precious diamond. That is all it takes. The Niessing Ring® Round was the first tension ring to hold a diamond without a setting,

the precious stone apparently floating freely with its sparkle glowing to all sides. The original ring was developed over 30 years ago. Today, it counts among the great design classics and is included in many museums and collections all over the world. The award-winning original design is protected by copyright. (Design Walter Wittek)

Pure form, beautiful colors
What is the color of your love? Choose between platinum and many unique Niessing Colors. Would you like a sparkling white diamond for your engagement ring? Or would you prefer a naturally colored diamond, for example in a soft cinnamon shade or in bright yellow? You can go for contrasts—or for harmony. Discover the possibilities!

A feast for the senses

Two sparkling companions

Niessing Satellite sends diamonds into their orbit. This ring loves to be in the company of peers, with a Niessing Ring®, with a wedding ring. The satellite encircles its companions with a fascinating glow.

Niessing diamonds

Each stone is unique

No diamond—no engagement ring. The most precious of all gemstones stands for purity and consistency. A diamond is everlasting like your love. And each one has a character of its own. Whether sparkling white or in a beautiful natural color: find the diamond that suits you and your love best!

Niessing Colors

For the joy of colors

Colors can enchant you; they create harmony. Which of the twelve Niessing Colors looks best with your complexion, which reflects your personality? Whichever you choose, the colors of love will get under your skin.

Niessing Ring® Round

Product overview

Engagement rings


Pure, simple, clear. The original form of the tension ring is reduced to the essential: a design icon as pristine as your love.


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