Niessing Stella

A star from heaven

A classic in a new light

Stella is a modern classic sparkling with a completely new brilliance. The delicate bezel setting makes the diamond appear larger and gently raises it above the ring. Ring and setting are joined in offering plenty of space to the diamond for light to enter.

Stella shines for you only

Stella means »star, heavenly body«, but also »sun«.Apparently weightless, the sparkling diamond is like a small planet on its orbit. The new Niessing Engagement Ring is a shining star of love and devotion. »I will give you the moon and the stars: Stella shines for you only!«

A perfect couple

Niessing Stella is the first Niessing Engagement Ring to surround and protect the precious diamond. Stella makes a perfect companion that fits smoothly to its partner, a Niessing Wedding Ring. With the diamond in its setting slightly raised above the wedding ring, the two rings will join in a perfect set.

Niessing diamonds

Each stone is unique

No diamond—no engagement ring. The most precious of all gemstones stands for purity and consistency. A diamond is everlasting like your love. And each one has a character of its own. Whether sparkling white or in a beautiful natural color: find the diamond that suits you and your love best!

Niessing platinum

Pure, sensuous, beyond comparison

Platinum is an excellent material for setting diamonds. It is naturally white and it perfectly brings out the fire of diamonds, making a fascinating contrast to the sparkle of a naturally colored diamond. Prickly cool and excitingly warm, pleasantly weighty and gentle as a feather. Niessing platinum is love at first sight!

Niessing Colors

For the love of colors

Colors can enchant you; they create harmony. Which of the Niessing Colors for precious metal looks best with your complexion, which reflects your personality? Whichever you choose, the colors of love will get under your skin.

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