Niessing Air

Surrounded by light and color

A weightless, airy presence

Niessing Air is light as a breeze; it is a ring with a magic presence. Discover the new ease!

Pure magic

Floating gold and platinum, airy and light, yet expansive and highly visible. Niessing Air is a wide, very thin ring made of platinum or of gold in any of the Niessing colors. The transparent core is made of acrylic. The ring doesn’t even seem to touch the hand; light passes through freely between skin and precious metal, like pure magic.

A glow from out of this world

This ring doesn’t even seem to touch the hand. Precious metal on the outside and transparent acrylic on the inside: light passes through freely between skin and the outer ring, giving gold and platinum a magic glow from out of this world.

Niessing Engravings

Secret message

At request, the precious metal ring can be engraved, and the message will be visible through the acrylic. Which memory would you like to keep forever?

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