Niessing Bowls

Bowls full of light and color

The right color at the right moment

Can jewelry be more colorful than this? Half-spheres of stainless steel with synthetic gemstones make beautiful ear studs or pendants for the Niessing Coil. Bring a sparkle to everyday life—or to special moments. Niessing Bowls will go along with anything you like.

Niessing Bowls pendant

Colorful harmony or powerful contrasts?

Discover a new combination for each day with Niessing Bowls: today, the pendant on its own; tomorrow in the company of two, three, or more. A Niessing Mineral Sphere can add a further color accent; a small steel sphere, or else a seashell you found on the beach can create a new look.

The pendant proudly dominates the Niessing Coil of stainless steel; it almost seems to float from your neck.

Niessing Bowls earrings

How much color do you need today?

Niessing Bowls will put you in the center of attention. Which gemstone, which color will suit your complexion? Which will match the color of your eyes? Does the color look good with your clothes? Do you like the colors to tone in with each other? Or do you prefer bold contrasts? Combine Niessing Bowls pendants and earrings for unlimited possibilities… and make yourself a trendsetter!

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