What would you like to find?


Each piece a precious original

Pure, contemporary design and the simple beauty of precious materials: jewelry for your very own, personal style.


Creating dazzling illusions

Delicate jewelry objects, made of slender strips of gold or platinum, with a surprisingly silky and smooth sensation to the touch.

Niessing Mirage

Weightless transparency

The slender strips of precious metal overlap and create the illusion of a transparent body. The air inside the jewelry seems to shimmer and flicker.

Niessing Mirage Limited Edition

Reach for the stars

Niessing Mirage won the »German Design Award« in 2018 and the »RedDot: Best of the best« in 2017. Niessing is celebrating this unique design with a limited edition that makes Niessing Mirage sparkle.

Niessing Colette

A trend-setting, everyday must-have

Light, lively, and always new. Niessing's Coil turns into delicate jewelry for arm, ear, and hand: Niessing Colette is pure pleasure for every day.

Niessing Colette

Collecting becomes a passion

With Niessing Colette, the choice is all yours: one single Niessing Colette bracelet is beautifully discreet, while several of them will make a strong statement.

Niessing Colette

Play with colors

Discover Niessing Colette in the different Niessing Colors—from elegant Ivory to warm Rosewood gold.

Niessing bangle Nuova

Precious embrace

A simple form that stems from expert craftsmanship. The hand-forged bangle gently embraces your arm.

Niessing bangle Nuova

A true classic

A bangle that represents like few other jewelry pieces our philosophy of timeless, clear design and the reduction to the essential.

Niessing bangle Nuova

Fascinating Niessing Colors

Niessing Nuova underlines the beauty of platinum and the Niessing Colors of gold: calm, clear, and unconventional.


Geometric order meets dynamic chaos

The appearance and structure of Niessing Cube change according to the way the coil or the earrings pass through the jewelry objects and along with the movements of the wearer.


Each moment is unique

Niessing Cube plays with the uniqueness of the moment. Four rectangles of precious metal are interlinked to form a cuboid structure.


Tribute to the aesthetics of Bauhaus

In its architectural purity and its reduction to the outline of the basic cuboid shape, Niessing Cube pays homage to Bauhaus design principles. What is your choice for today? Strict geometry or dynamic dance?

Niessing PAPYR

Slender and weightless

Each of the delicate loops loosely intertwines with the next: graceful and weightless, like a paper sculpture. Familiar forms offer surprising perspectives.

Niessing PAPYR

Lavish Pleasure

Paper-thin, flexible knots are loosely intertwined to form an endless, lavish band, a precious pleasure for you to enjoy.

Niessing PAPYR

Outstanding craft

Gold or platinum is turned into paper-thin strips by the goldsmith's skillful craft. The simple, archaic form of the knot is used to form impressive earrings, pendants, and a lavish necklace.


Discover new ground!

Can precious metal take the features of a natural landscape? Niessing Topia brings mountains, valleys, freedom and vastness to mind. Where will you travel?


Time to travel

Niessing Topia is a trip around the world; it is inspired by the vastness of pristine nature. The jewelry in gold brings desert dunes to mind; Niessing Topia in platinum reminds of the world's highest mountains.


Light and shade

The folds in the jewelry create a texture with a suave and soft look. Gold and platinum shimmer in hues and colors as never seen before.



The form of all forms makes a beautiful pendant for the Niessing Coil: perfect harmony and complete balance.


Eternal classic

An archetypal classic that has always been part of Niessing’s collection, the Niessing Sphere swings gently from the Niessing Coil.


Masterly crafted

Each and every Niessing Sphere is a masterwork. All spheres are finished to perfection by hand in our manufactory.

Niessing Solaris® color Rings

Kissed by the sun

Niessing Solaris® casts the beauty of a sundown into precious metal: The sun itself has imprinted its powerful glow onto this gold.

Niessing AURA® color Rings

All is in flow

Niessing aura® rings are perfect for collecting. Would you like to start your collection with gentle red or rather with suave gray?

Niessing color Rings

Your personal color mix

A suave flow of colors on one day, and a colorful row on the next: rings for your very personal melody. Each day has a different tune.

Niessing Architecture Line

Sensuous and slender

The appearance of Niessing Architecture Line is sensuous and slender, bringing Tokyo’s constructional elegance to mind.

Niessing Architecture Step

Vibrantly alive

In its bustling, vibrant effect, Niessing Architecture Step reminds of the modern architecture of today’s Hong Kong.

Niessing Architecture Structure

Open-minded spirit

Niessing Architecture Structure reflects the dynamic, open spirit of Germany’s capital Berlin.


A sparkling keepsake

Memory grows with time, each diamond standing for a special event as a sparkling souvenir of your most precious moments: your wedding day, the birth of your first child, graduation day, a special birthday, your own home...


Handset diamonds

Each diamond is set by hand according to the best standards of highest craftsmanship


Perfect company

Niessing Memory is stunning on its own—and a perfect team player, too, that naturally fits to its neighbor.

Niessing Satellite Colors

Art and color for your hand

The slender, well-proportioned rings seem to be made almost entirely of diamonds. Our specifically developed high-precision technique allows us to set the diamonds extremely close to each other—almost too close to be true.


Sparkling stars to circle your finger

Niessing Satellite Curves form a new generation of colorful Niessing Satellite rings.


Colorful company

Niessing Satellite Curves lend a colorful accent to the floating diamond of a Niessing Ring®, with the delicate diamonds orbiting the solitaire, their glow reflecting its sparkle.


Stunning and innovative

The innovative, sophisticated jewelry system Niessing Artist merges with the Niessing Coil in an exceptional piece of jewelry.


Diamonds dancing on the Niessing Coil

Full of joy and magic, Niessing Artist makes delicate diamonds dance on the Niessing Coil in a stunning balancing act that is infused with artistic ease and grace.


Different and new each day

Fine and flexible, elegant and versatile. For all who love pure design, the introduction of the Niessing Coil some 30 years ago offered a fresh, new style for necklaces and a perfect stage for our pendants.

Niessing Manufactory

Made by hand

Since 1873 until today, the manufactory with its workshops is at the heart of Niessing. All Niessing jewelry is manufactured in Vreden. From designing, to melting the bars of gold or platinum, to finishing the jewelry—it all takes place under one roof. Workshops and design department work closely together in research and development. It is our conviction that this is the only way to create truly good design.


Story of the flower disc
Filo d`oro
Crystallite pattern