Beautifully simple

Lines, light, and planes

A flexible band of gold or platinum to highlight your neckline or arm: calm and almost meditative. Each of your movements fills the precious jewelry with life. Ever-changing images emerge in lines, light, and planes.

Niessing Bow necklace

Definitely attracts attention

Calm and meditative

The long, flexible band is a true marvel of metamorphosis. Wrapped twice around your neck, it makes a calm, almost meditative hoop. Extended to its full length, it becomes an expansive jewelry object with its opulent line reaching from shoulder to shoulder. Definitely attracts attention!

Where the ends meet, a push-in connection is worked into the band of precious metal: barely visible, easy to handle, and absolutely secure.

Niessing Bow bracelet

Lively company

A new interpretation of a Niessing classic

All you need is gentle pressure to slip Niessing Bow over your hand. Once around your wrist, it will take up a life of its own, reacting to each of your movements. Ever-changing images emerge in lines, light, and planes: a lively companion.

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