Niessing Nuova bangle

Precious embrace

Calm, clear, and unconventional

A simple form that stems from expert craftsmanship. The hand-forged bangle of moon white platinum or of one of the most beautiful colors of gold gently embraces your arm: calm, clear, and unconventional.

Pure Form

Expert craftsmanship

A new interpretation of a Niessing classic

Bangles have a long tradition of over 30 years at Niessing. No other jewelry represents the Niessing philosophy of timeless, clear design and the reduction to the essential as distinctly as the bangle.

The goldsmith’s expert skills transform a slender, rolled-out strip of precious metal into a smooth bangle. It completely encircles the arm in a tender embrace. Pure lightness meets clear sensuousness.

The hand-forged bangle embraces the arm in a gentle touch. Niessing Nuova underlines the beauty of platinum and gold. Archaic and simple, it makes a highly visible statement.

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