Niessing Colette

A trend-setting must-have for every day

Light, lively, and always new

The Niessing Coil as delicate jewelry for the arm or as a flexible ring: Niessing Colette brings pleasure for every day. Discover Niessing Colette in the different Niessing Colors—from elegant Ivory to warm Rosewood gold.

Collecting becomes a passion

With Niessing Colette bracelets, the choice is all yours. Perhaps you will wear one discreet single band today, while tomorrow several of them will make a strong statement. Niessing Colette rings seem to float, the delicate coils of gold or platinum casually wrapped around the finger in single or multiple twists. And Niessing Colette ceoles move along with every move you make. They are true Niessing must-haves!

Light, lively, and always new: Niessing Colette makes a passion of collecting.

Niessing Colette


The Niessing Coil for your arm

Delicate bands, lines of gold and platinum to decorate the arm, in single, double, or multiple twists…

The shining sphere circles your arm like a planet on its orbit. Now you see it, now you don’t. If you wish, a small diamond will lend its sparkle to the sphere.

Perhaps you will wear only one single, discreet band today, while tomorrow several of them will make a strong statement. Niessing Colette is always light and lively, new and different each time.

Niessing Colette


A gift for your hand

Slender coils of gold or platinum, casually wrapped around your finger, in single or multiple twists, the polished sphere with or without a diamond. Indulge yourself.

Smooth, casual, classy

Niessing Colette rings are slender and delicate. They seem to float on your hand. The single-looped rings, each adorned with a small sphere, are perfect for combining. Find your very own color mix! Have a diamond flash its sparkle here and there…

With multiple twists, Niessing Colette rings are both jewelry and fun. The sphere can shift along the ring, appearing in the center or at the sides of the ring. Roam along! Smooth, classy, and flexible, Niessing Colette makes a great gift for your hand.

Niessing Colette


Playful and pretty

These earrings move along with every move you make. They can be small and delicate or large and generous—and they always make a beautiful presence. Niessing Colette creoles are perfect for any occasion, whether for daily wear, for the office, for special events… Niessing Colette is truly versatile.

Pure and clear, playful and enchantingly pretty: the new Niessing must-haves.

Niessing Coil

Jewelry for life

Since its introduction in the mid 1980’s, the Niessing Coil is a true marvel of metamorphosis. Together with the various Niessing pendants, it can be combined to design ever new, ever changing pieces of jewelry. As Niessing Colette, it turns into delicate bracelets, slender rings, and graceful creoles.

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