Niessing Crystallite

The most beautiful facets of life

Spheres & facets

Niessing Crystallite opens a new view from each perspective. The jewelry is inspired by clear crystal forms; it is a wholly new interpretation of the classic Niessing Sphere.

Niessing Crystallite comes as pendants for the Niessing Coil, earrings, lapel pins, and as an impressive jewelry ring. The jewelry pieces in platinum or gold in any of the Niessing Colors acquire a vibrancy of their own with sparkling diamonds added. Discover the most beautiful facets of life!

Geometry for the senses

Niessing Crystallite is geometrically strict and sensuous, mysterious and precious at the same time. The three-dimensional bodies play with light and shade, bringing an amazing shimmer of color shades to the precious metal: a new view from each perspective.

Niessing Crystallite pendant

New images with each facet

Multifaceted necklace

Niessing Crystallite pendants for the Niessing Coil come in three different sizes and two different forms. They are attached centrally to the coil so that they can rotate around their own equator, presenting an ever-changing image with many facets.

Sparkling life

Two or more diamond pavés will add even more vibrancy to the jewelry. The sparkling diamonds reflect the light with a different intensity than the matt precious metal, bringing out the crystalline appeal of this jewelry to perfect beauty.

Niessing Crystallite ring

A new dimension

Generous glamour

A hand-folded sphere turns into a glamorous jewelry ring: opulent and powerful, extravagant and playful, generous and multifaceted.

Extravagant and carefree

The Niessing Crystallite ring reveals completely new dimensions. An impressive piece of jewelry that sums up the most beautiful facets of the Niessing manufactory: perfect craftsmanship, innovative production methods, and exciting design.

The ring can be made purely from precious metal—or it can have one or two glittering diamond pavé triangles. The sparkling diamonds reflect the light with a different intensity than the matt precious metal, bringing out the crystalline appeal of this ring to perfect beauty.

Niessing Crystallite says: With you, I can be eccentric, playful, carefree—and always steadfast.

Niessing Crystallite earrings

Simple and sumptuous

Modeled on nature

Niessing Crystallite is inspired by crystal forms that are found in nature or in architecture. Many small crystals form larger ones; they always grow following the same recurring and fascinating pattern. Their distinctive form can be discovered in microscopically minute as well as in vast structures, in nature as well as in architecture.

Even more vibrancy

Available in platinum or gold in any of the Niessing Colors, Crystallite earrings enter into a subtle play with light and shade. Diamond pavé surfaces create even more spatial depth and vibrancy.

Niessing Crystallite is pure, graphically clear, and extravagant; it is jewelry for the most beautiful facets of life.

Niessing Crystallite Boutons

Sophisticated understatement

Discreet accessory

Almost as discreet as a button, the crystal-shaped lapel pin is both calm and expressive at the same time. Delicately thin precious metal is folded by hand to form Niessing Crystallite Boutons. Graphically clear, masculine and subtle, they are perfect for men who prefer understatement and usually do not wear jewelry.

Traditional and modern

Traditionally, boutonnieres or buttonholes are flowers worn in the jacket lapel. Lapel pins or badges also have a long tradition as jewelry for gentlemen. Niessing Boutons are a modern-day, new interpretation of this jewelry theme. Niessing Crystallite Boutons are uncomplicated, unobtrusive—and yet they will never go unnoticed!

HE can wear them in the buttonhole in the timeless, classic manner, extravagantly at the lapel, or casually with a T-shirt. Always different, always new… The perfect gift for a man of the world.

Niessing design

Precious metal, folded like paper

Avantgardistic design

Crystallite stands for the Niessing design tradition of forming three-dimensional jewelry from two-dimensional planes. This principle has inspired all of our designers ever since avantgardistic design was introduced at the Niessing manufactory.

Award winners!

Prizes for Crystallite

Niessing Crystallite is the proof that gold and platinum can be folded as neatly and precisely as paper. This jewelry line brings together many of the facets of the Niessing manufactory: exciting design and fascinating colors, innovative high tech production methods and expert craftsmanship of the highest quality. Crystallite won the Red Dot Design Award 2015 and the German Design Award Special 2016.

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