Niessing Flower Discs

A sea of bloom

Nature’s most beautiful colors

Softly glowing, vivid gold, reminding us of nature’s creative power. The goldsmith’s gentle hammer blow brings new life to the slender discs of gold or platinum, transforming them into delicate flowers. Different sizes and the unique Niessing Colors offer unlimited combinations.

Discover a new flora

Niessing Flower Discs in Fine Rose gold appear like delicate rose petals, while large discs in Rosewood, Classic Red, Warm Yellow, and Spring Green bring to mind an Indian summer. Discover fascinating combinations and indulge in a feast of colors.

Expert craftsmanship

Each and every Niessing Flower Disc is hand-made and a unique piece of expert craftsmanship. The experienced goldsmith forges the discs into the characteristic floral form; the hammer leaves fine, vivid traces on the surface, creating the perfect texture for a subtle interplay between light and shade.

Niessing aura® Flower Discs

Nature’s fine details

Playful with light and shadow

Delicate Niessing Flower Discs for the Niessing Coil with the typical aura® color flow: the fascinating shades from gentle red to suave gray, together with the impressive interaction between light and shade, emphasize the pendants’ organic shape. Discover nature’s fine details!

Niessing Iris Flower Discs

Nature is never only one color

Naturally perfect!

Slender discs are turned into handsome blossoms. The floral forms reflect the goldsmith’s expert artistic skills as they gently float at the Niessing Coil. The unique Iris color flow from cool silver to warm gold glows softly and gives life to the petals, reminding us of nature’s creative power.

Niessing Manufactory

High tech meets handicraft

Subtle gold colors – strong statements

Slender discs turn into delicate blossoms, the vivid floral forms reflecting the goldsmith’s expert skills. Niessing Flower Disc is a true Niessing classic. It shows the unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and high tech production. These two go hand in hand at the manufactory in Vreden!

Niessing Coil

A true marvel of metamorphosis

It definitely never gets boring! Choose one of many different Niessing pendants to create a new look each time.

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