Niessing Mobile

Explore the variations

Amazing formations

Niessing has a long tradition of kinetic jewelry with mobile elements that playfully create new images with each movement. Niessing Mobile plays with spheres: with small or large ones, with diamond-studded ones, or ones of pure, smooth gold or platinum. Play along!

Niessing Mobile pendant

Tempting dance

As you like it

Niessing Mobile spheres with diamonds dance on the Niessing Coil in a sheer endless number of formations. New constellations emerge as in a mobile with a soft breath of wind, whenever you want them to. So small and delicate, and yet, they form a cosmos of their own… The spheres are made to orbit each other like planets in ever-changing star signs.

Strict or playful?

It is up to you whether the spheres are in a straight row, or dangling every way as if by coincidence. Strict formation or joyful play? What can I try out today?

Mobile comes with three, four, or six sparkling diamond spheres, in platinum and in many of the Niessing Colors. This jewelry is always in motion. Find out what suits you best!

Niessing Mobile earrings

Calm harmony

A perfectly tuned play

Softly bedded in half-spheres of gold or platinum, the sparkling diamonds light up the face. Which suits your complexion best: warm Classic Yellow or Rosewood gold? Is gold in a fresh Spring Green the right color? Or perhaps pure, moon white platinum? Just give it a try! Wear the Niessing Mobile earrings with your Mobile pendant for a perfectly tuned play.

Niessing Mobile Magnum pendant

Sizeable joy

Free and mobile

The large, splendid spheres rotate and dance around each other, inviting you to play along. Ever-changing images and a new play each day.

A highly visible jewelry statement

Four or six large spheres in Classic Yellow gold or in platinum make for an impressive jewelry sculpture. You can wear just one sphere on the Niessing coil, or a number of them together. The spheres are made to orbit each other. Design playful, geometrically clear, or asymmetrical pendants. Trace the movements of the spheres.

This jewelry statement is sure to catch the eye!

Sparkling extravagance

The precious metal enters into a spectacular combination with diamonds if one of the Magnum Spheres is set with a pavé of fine precious stones. Where do you want to wear the sparkle today?

A stunning pendant for the Niessing Coil with an ever-changing appearance.

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