Niessing Papyr

Slender and weightless

Expert craftsmanship

Gold or platinum is turned into paper-thin strips by the goldsmith’s skillful craft. The simple, archaic form of the knot is used to form impressive earrings, pendants, and a lavish necklace. Clear design and perfect workmanship: enjoy!

Niessing Papyr necklace

Lavish pleasure

Opulent jewelry

Paper-thin, flexible knots are loosely intertwined to form an endless, lavish band, a precious pleasure for you to enjoy.

A feast for the senses

The necklace flows smoothly around your neck in a soft caress. The gaze is lost in the endless loops of the lively lines. The ear listens to the soft rustle of the precious metal strips. The fingertips trace the soft curves of the jewelry. Niessing Papyr is a feast for your senses!

The clasp is absolutely secure, easy to handle, and perfectly integrated into the design of the jewelry: A tensely rolled-up strip is simply passed through the final links.

Niessing Papyr pendant

Delicate sculpture

Jewelry for the Niessing Coil

The slim, intertwined strip of precious metal appears to be nearly weightless, like a delicate sculpture of paper. The familiar form changes from each point of view, opening ever new perspectives.

Niessing Coil

Always adapts to your style

Jewelry for life

It definitely never gets boring! Choose one of many different Niessing pendants to create a new look with the Niessing coil each time.

Niessing Papyr earrings

Appealing combinations

Perfect from any perspective

A paper-thin strip of gold or platinum, forged and intertwined by hand to form a delicate sculpture: endless harmony, perfect from any angle.

Be inspired and discover the appealing combination of Niessing Papyr earrings and pendant for the Niessing Coil!

Niessing Papyr Littles


Jewelry full of symbolism

Papyr Littles is jewelry that winds in endless circles, a flowing strip of gold without beginning and end. The infinity of the form and its soft flow turn Papyr Littles into a perfect love symbol and beautiful bridal jewelry, into a companion for life.

A new interpretation of a Niessing classic!

There is beauty in the eternal; it is simple and yet so enchanting. The Papyr pendant for the Niessing Coil is a true classic—that is now also available in a smaller, more compact form.

The familiar shape creates a new, fascinating effect with every changing perspective. The effortless interplay between surfaces and lines results in different views, always new, always changing.

Niessing Papyr Littles


Two souls for one jewelry piece

A delicate sculpture of gossamer gold, two souls united in one jewelry piece: romantic play and graceful clarity. Slender strips of gold, thin as a breath and light as a feather, intertwine in precious,

flowing loops in the warm Niessing gold colors Classic Yellow, Classic Red, or Rosewood. Papyr Littles are a caress and comfort in gold.

Niessing Papyr



Papyr necklace

Paper-thin, flexible knots are loosely intertwined and form a magnificent sculpture to wear around your neck. Enjoy!



Papyr pendant

Graceful and weightless, like a paper sculpture. The form looks familiar—and yet slightly different from each angle.



Papyr earrings

The precious band interloops three times, evenly and without touching. Feel the inspiration!



Papyr Littles pendants

The delicate sculpture of gossamer gold combines romantic play and graceful clarity. A whole new interpretation of a Niessing classic.


Papyr Littles earrings

There is beauty in the eternal; it is simple and yet so enchanting. The familiar form creates a new, fascinating effect with every changing perspective.


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