Niessing Spheres

Complete balance

The classic for the Niessing Coil

The Niessing Sphere swings gently from the Niessing Coil in perfect harmony and complete balance. The sphere is the form of all forms. It is a true classic that has always been part of the Niessing collection. You can wear it on its own or in various different combinations of colors and sizes—and you can always rely on the beauty inherent to the sphere!

Harmony and perfection

The sphere is a perfect form—and it makes a perfect jewelry piece for any occasion. A large platinum sphere and a small diamond sphere will form a bold contrast. A large sphere of Rosewood gold and smaller ones in Sand Gray, Fine Gray, and platinum create an image that is full of harmony and tension at the same time. One single large sphere in bright Classic Yellow gold on a long Niessing Coil makes a strong statement.

Shape in perfection

Masterly crafted

The classic for the Niessing Coil

Each and every Niessing Sphere is a masterwork. The smaller spheres are solid. They come in pure precious metal or set with sparkling diamonds. The larger ones are forged by hand to form a sphere that is particularly sturdy and lightweight at the same time thanks to an innovative laser method. Our goldsmiths finish all spheres to perfection by hand in our manufactory.

Niessing Brilliant Spheres

A fascinating sparkle

Sensuously round and pleasantly weighty

A solid Niessing Sphere is sensuously round and has a pleasant weight. In it, softly embedded and safely protected, lies a sparkling diamond. You can choose from different sizes and from platinum or gold in one of many Niessing Colors. Which combination will bring out your personality to its best?

Lines of light

A line of light and fire marks the sphere’s equator. In a vertical position, the line of diamonds is serenely at rest, emphasizing the center. At an angle of 45 degrees, it swings in constant motion. Which line reflects your character?

Niessing Spheres for the ear

The finishing touch

Small spheres with an enormous effect

A sphere turns into an earring: Small and simple, it has an enormous impact—it is the finishing touch for your outfit. You have a choice of spheres in platinum or in any of the Niessing Colors: Which color suits your complexion, which looks best with the color of your eyes?

Perfect fit

A sparkling diamond is embedded into a small sphere. Sometimes you just need more sparkle! The pin is attached to the back of the ear spheres so that the “viewing direction” of the diamonds can be adjusted: a small trick for perfect fit.

Niessing Coil

Always adapts to your style

Flexible classics

It definitely never gets boring! Choose one of many different Niessing pendants to create a new look with the Niessing coil each time.

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