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Niessing Love Icons

A gemstone for your love

Did you choose a Niessing Diamond Ring for your engagement? Congratulations: we have an exclusive gift for you.

If you decide on Niessing Wedding Rings for your marriage, too, you will receive two Niessing Love Icons of your choice. Inside each of your rings, we will set a small diamond, sapphire, or ruby: a secret love symbol that only you two share.

Love Icons

Diamonds are forever

Diamond, the king of gemstones, stands for beauty, purity, and eternal love. Wedding rings with diamonds symbolize the never-ending union of two souls.

Love Icons

Sapphire for your something blue

»Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.« It is a time-honored tradition for the bride to wear something old on her wedding day as a sign of consistency, something new for future happiness, something borrowed to represent friendship and reliability, and finally something blue. A blue sapphire protects your love with fidelity and makes your marriage blissful.

Love Icons

Ruby red for deep love

Ruby, the queen of stones and the stone of kings and lovers, has always been associated with life and love. It unites spiritual and physical love, it stimulates your heart, your courage, and your passion. My ruby is like a red, red rose…

colorful love

From us for you

Two Niessing Love Icons, one for each of your Niessing Wedding Rings: that is our gift to you—a diamond, a sapphire, or a ruby of about 0.01 ct, set inside each wedding band.