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Niessing Love Wall

A very special guest book – and a true artwork

Are you now looking forward to a wedding celebration that you and your guests will always remember? With the Niessing Love Wall, you can commit the impressions of your special day to eternal memory in this very personal wedding guest book and individual piece of art.

Niessing Love Wall


All you need is included in our set: a hammer, various steel punches, copper plates, and a Love Wall. Your guests will imprint their heartfelt wishes, messages, or individual images into copper. There is no limit to creativity and imagination—inviting old and young to join in. Since 1873, the Niessing Jewelry Manufactory relies on fondly handcrafted jewelry using traditional goldsmith techniques, such as punch-marking. This technique is easy to master, even for amateurs, with our Niessing Love Wall set: Equipped with the hammer and a punch, your wedding guests will carve fine grooves, letters, words, images into the small copper plates. Each stroke a signature for eternity! Arranged on the wall that comes with the set, the copper plates together result in a puristic, individual and aesthetic artwork, a keepsake as unique as your love.

Toolkit for your Love Wall

Unforgotten moments

Your Niessing Partner will supply you with all you need for creating this special guest book. The tools come in an attractive and convenient oak box including:

• a set of punches

• a wood block with a small anvil

• a hammer

The toolkit will be given to you on loan to be returned to your Niessing Partner after the wedding. You purchase the Love Wall together with the copper plates for turning them into your personal piece of art, to keep forever.

Love Wall Gallery

Emotions Handmade

Depending on the number of your guests, you can select either a wall with 45, 84 or with 144 copper plates.

We wish you and your guests an unforgettable wedding! If you like, please send us a photo of your completed copper guest book to info@niessing.com, and we will add it to our gallery of punch marks.