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Niessing Manufactory

Made by hand

Since 1873 until today, the manufactory with its workshops is at the heart of Niessing. All jewelry is made in Vreden: from melting the bars of gold or platinum, to finishing the jewelry - it all takes place under one roof. Workshops and design department in Dusseldorf work closely together in research and development. It is our conviction that this is the only way to create truly good design.

Handcraft and Hightech – the best of each

Traditional and innovative

Each individual piece of jewelry goes through many hands before it is ready to wear. At Niessing, we combine many different methods of work, from traditional techniques to cutting-edge technologies. One work step will require the master goldsmith’s steady hand, while the very next one will involve the latest laser technology.

Handcraft and Hightech

the best of each

The one thing that is absolutely unthinkable to us is mass production. Each piece of Niessing jewelry is a valuable original, manufactured specifically for you. In our work, quality and aesthetics come first.

Research and development are carried out jointly by the workshop and the design department. Only by employing the best of each can the exceptional be created. Clear forms, strong emotions, and design of the highest quality.

"We demand perfection. This is why each tension ring is specifically made for each individual diamond."

Norbert Tenhumberg

The best of each

Niessing milestones: design icons since 1873


Hermann Niessing starts a jewelry manufactory in Vreden, Germany, near the Dutch border. Until today, Niessing’s head office remains in Vreden.


Niessing invents the seamless wedding ring – a ring without a beginning or an end. The perfect symbol of love.


Niessing joins the ranks of leading German wedding ring manufacturers.


Niessing moves to the new manufactory building – designed by Hans Paul Schmohl, architect of Stuttgart's city hall.


Ursula Exner—daughter to Bernhardine and Franz Niessing—and the professor for architecture, Max von Hausen, together lay the foundation for the Niessing design philosophy, which is based on the art style of the Bauhaus.


The manufactory is extended – in accordance with a design by Max von Hausen.


Niessing introduces its first jewelry line, Setario. The name is derived from the two words “set” and “variation”.


Niessing introduces Niessing Mutatio, its first kinetic jewelry. Ring and bracelet are each formed from eight movable circle segments.


The Niessing Spannring® is developed: A ring and a floating diamond is all it takes for the original tension ring. The award-winning original design is protected by copyright. (Copyright: Walter Wittek)


In the series Niessing S, fine gold and platinum are inseparably joined. This large, expanding jewelry is a milestone in terms of the manufactory’s design language.


Niessing introduces different colored gold alloys in red, reddish, green, pale green, sand gray, and gray.


Iris is launched: a jewelry collection made of a gold alloy with colors flowing smoothly from cool silver to warm fine gold.


The Niessing design team is provided with its own place of refuge.


The Niessing Coil with its flexible, circular shape is brought to the market as a fresh and fashionable alternative to the traditional necklace. Today, the Niessing Coil is made from various materials, and it comes in different diameters and lengths.


Niessing Radius 9, the manufactory’s first watch, is introduced. Radius 9 won the Red Dot Design Award, among other awards.


The first Niessing Store opens in the Stilwerk in Berlin. Today there are eight stores in Germany: beside Berlin also those in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Cologne, Constance, Munich, Münster, and Stuttgart. In Asia, Niessing Stores are located in Japan and in Korea.


Niessing Abacus is the official ring designed on the occasion of the EXPO World Exhibition 2000 in Hanover.


The Niessing Spannring® is protected by copyright as a work of art in its form “Round”. (Copyright Walter Wittek)


Niessing aura® is another masterpiece: Different hues of gold transform continuously from gentle red to suave gray.


Niessing Coil turns into Niessing Colette: Delicate bracelets, flexible rings, and creoles are made of the classic coil. Enjoy them every day!


The series Niessing Topia is introduced. It is awarded the design prize “Red Dot: Best of the Best” for highest design quality and groundbreaking design.


Niessing Spannring® Heaven continues the idea of the tension ring classics HighEnd and OpenEnd.


The Niessing brand is represented by a new, young face: the internationally renowned model Charlott Cordes.


In collaboration with VOGUE Germany, Niessing opens the exhibition “STATE OF THE ART. Design and zeitgeist from 1979 until today” at Literaturhaus München.


Niessing Rosewood and Niessing Ivory complete the Niessing range of gold colors.  The color flows Iris and Niessing aura® make a color spectrum that is unique worldwide.


Lucia is the latest Niessing Spannring®. An exclusive limited edition of only 30 rings worldwide features the perfect harmony of naturally colored, 2 ct diamonds and the beautiful Niessing Colors of gold, creating a unique, magical light.


RedDot for Mirage: An exceptional shape that touches the senses. Mirage is intriguingly new and timeless, as judged by the RedDot jury. The Mirage pendant was therefore awarded the prestigious "Best of the Best" design prize of 2017.


The glowing power of the sun. The name Solaris pinpoints the two most important features of the new gold alloy: rich gold and the glowing power of the sun. RedDot 2017.


Niessing opens stores in Frankfurt, a second one in Berlin, Hong Kong, Sydney and Melbourne.


Niessing NOW signals the launch of three unique Silver Colors. It is another world's first, patent pending.


The design team moves to a new and inspiring design studio in the fashion city of Dusseldorf.


Niessing celebrates the 100 anniversary of Bauhaus. The newly launched Niessing tension ring Bauhaus takes on the basic forms and colors of Bauhaus.


The Spannring Jewelry Collection extends the iconic design – available for ear and neck.


Niessing becomes certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council.


Niessing launches the revolutionary Colette C and X to celebrate ten years Colette.

Niessing Spannring®

The glow of passion

A ring and a floating diamond is all it takes. Ever since the development of the Niessing Spannring®, a diamond can be held by a ring without a setting.

Niessing Spannring®

The power of knowledge

What sounds so simple, is in reality very complex – a quick look into our workshops reveals this.

Niessing Spannring®

The highest degree of craftsmanship

Forging a Niessing Spannring® requires deep knowledge of the precious materials, expert craftsmanship, and a good deal of innovative drive. As always, what counts most are the people: our designers, goldsmiths, and stone setters are passionate team players.

Niessing Spannring®

Precision and emotion

Only with their skilled eyes and their love for detail is the diamond set afloat in each and every Niessing Spannring®: free and yet held fast and secure.