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Niessing Colors

Unique Niessing worlds of color

Niessing has been creating gold and platinum alloys in the manufactory since 1873. When one of the gold colors is created, it is a magic moment.

Niessing Gold Colors

The most beautiful colors of Gold


Warm yellow merges with clear gray in ivory-colored gold. An enticing play of colors between light yellow, white, and light green.

Spring Green

Like sunrise over a spring meadow. A wonderfully bright gold with the seductive shine of fresh green.

Classic Yellow

Pristine, warm, and glowing: gold as gold can be.

Warm Yellow

Uncompromisingly gold! Warm Yellow comes closest to pure gold: deep yellow with a trace of orange.

Fine Rose

This beautiful gold seems to blush and shimmer… Fine Rose is like rose petals, a fine yellow bloom with a hint of red.

Classic Red

Gold that glows red like sundown on a beautiful day, a powerful color tone for special moments and special jewelry.


A gold with a life of its own: the color can glow reddish or nearly purple; it may shimmer pink or distinctly brown.

Sand Gray

Gold that is soft and warm like a sandy beach. Who would have imagined gray to be so warm and full of color!

Fine Gray

Almost hidden, a soft gold tone shimmers through the fine white gray, just enough to cast some warmth. Pure understatement.

Fine Gray Coated

The brightest, whitest shade of gold. The fine, yet extremely durable rhodium coat covers even the slightest hue of yellow. A highly pure and clear harmony of colors.


Gold in a fascinating flow from gentle red to suave gray: sensuous and pristine.


Pure silver meets pure gold, cool white merges into warm yellow. A gradual color flow from silver to fine gold.


Red and yellow: two powerful colors, forever united as two lovers' hearts. Neither loses its own character in the process. They radiate more beautifully than ever before.

Niessing Gold Colors

Shades as never seen before

The soul of gold has many colors: gold that is soft and warm like a sandy beach, or fresh and clear like a summer morning at the lake; gold that glows like the sun in that special moment just before the sun set. Gold that is so beautiful that it seems to blush. Pure gold, in rich yellow.

If gold looks so much like fresh hay on a sunny meadow, perhaps you can even smell it? Our designers and goldsmiths are sure you can—and they should know! For they managed to draw a color spectrum from precious gold that is truly unique. Niessing made the color wheel of gold come full circle.

Our standard in quality

What you can expect from us

Each piece of jewelry is engraved with the letters “Au” for “aurum”, the Latin word for gold, and with a number, which represents the mass of pure gold in relation to 1000 parts contained in an alloy. It is important for the quality of the alloy that the proportion of gold is as high as possible.

In order to ensure optimal fineness, we manufacture all of our alloys in-house. We use Au 1000 (fine gold), Au 900, Au 750, and for some wedding rings also Au 585

We use palladium rather than nickel in our gold alloys. Palladium is a silvery-white precious metal from the platinum group. It is pure, white, skin-friendly—and absolutely beautiful.

Niessing Platinum

To know that it is Platinum

Pleasant freshness meets with the deepest warmth in no other metal as it does in platinum. To describe platinum in words: nearly impossible! Touch it, take it into your hand, and feel the spark ignite. Is platinum addictive? 30 times rarer than gold, platinum is by far more difficult to excavate. It is the most prestigious of metals for jewelry making. Platinum is excellently suited for setting diamonds. Its naturally white color perfectly brings out the fire of precious stones.

Platinum for everyday wear? Certainly! Platinum feels very pleasant, even to sensitive skin. Like any ring of precious metal, a platinum ring will acquire traces of wear. Since the material is so ductile, however, this does not result in any substantial loss of material. The material does not wear away, so that a platinum ring will retain its mass for a very long time.

Niessing exclusively uses high-quality platinum 950 for making jewelry. This figure represents the fineness of the alloy, that is, the ratio of platinum in the alloy, expressed as parts per 1000. The remaining 50 parts are copper or tungsten. Every piece of Niessing’s platinum jewelry has the engraving Pt 950.

Niessing Silver Colors

The most beautiful colors of silver

Silver has been used in jewelry making since the 5th millennium BC. Now, the Niessing designers and gold-smiths created a totally new silver for a whole new generation—a dream come true.

Niessing Silver Colors

The most beautiful colors of silver

Niessing Silver is a world‘s first in alloys, a specifically developed, wholly new, colored silver. Different colored metals and a final touch of gold result in three new shades of silver that permeate the entire material, through and through. Niessing Silver is harder than regular silver and not as brittle, so it can be forged and formed like gold or platinum. Niessing Silver Colors are fun and expression.

Niessing Silver Colors

The most beautiful colors of silver


Fall in love with Niessing Rose: warm, sensual, and feminine. Enjoy the colors reflected with changing light in delicate pinks, warm apricots, or suave purples. The colors of fresh rose scent…


Take cheerful pleasure in Niessing Lime: fresh, fruity, and bright. Daydream yourself away to lush meadows, fields of clover, sunny blue skies.


Cast your spell with Niessing Lava: flowing, glowing, and mysterious. A moonlit mystical glow of silver glistens mesmerizingly on a twilight water surface.

Our standard in sustainability

Ecological responsibility

Niessing precious metals are obtained in a sustainable manner. Our use of gold is exclusively from the recovery of secondary resources (recycling), which is also referred to as urban mining. We obtain precious metals from certified German and Swiss refineries. The entire alloying process takes place at Niessing in the manufactory, where recycling and reutilization also have top priority. Recycled precious metal is the most sustainable source for our exclusive pieces of jewelry.

Experience Niessing Live

Jewelry is something that needs to be looked at, touched, and tried on. Stop by and see for yourself! In our shops or those of our partners, you will be shown a large selection of engagement rings, wedding rings, and many other pieces of jewelry in the typical Niessing design.