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Glow and show

The new collection Niessing NOW: exceptional silver colors, personal tattoos, powerful designs—discover them now.


Turn around NOW

Feel the rhythm of the Niessing Silver Colors pulsing through your life. Let yourself be carried away by the infinitely sparkling spiral in rose, lime or lava!

Niessing Now Tattoo Bracelet

Your message on your arm

Enter the desired text and immediately view the finished piece of jewelry.

Niessing Now Tattoo Ring

Your favorite Tattoo

Find your favorite tattoo in the gallery and combine it with your favorite piece of jewelry.

Niessing Now Tattoo Pendant

Design it yourself

Uploading and visualizing a drawing, a picture, a commemorative image - Niessing makes it possible.

Your Look

Niessing Now Tattoo

Tell your story and wear it in as well as on your heart. What will you choose? Perhaps a statement or your very own creation? 

Niessing Now Facet

Collecting memories

Life has so many sides! Celebrate all its facets; join in and show your part in it. Discover pure joy.

Niessing Silver Colors

A touch of gold

Niessing Silver Colors glow in three shades: warm Rose—expressive Lime—mystical Lava.

Niessing Silver Colors

New out of Vreden

Niessing NOW is manufactured from an all new silver with a touch of gold.

Niessing Silver Colors

Niessing's Alchemy

Niessing specializes in precious metal alloys. The patent pending, secret recipe for our innovative silver alloy contains silver, fine gold, and a pinch of magic!

Sophisticated methods are applied to bring out the colors and make this silver especially durable. It goes along wherever life takes you.

Niessing Design

Simply ingenious—design is NOW and forever!

Niessing's design philosophy roots in the Bauhaus style and the credo of »form follows function«. Ideas full of energy merge with an intelligent aesthetics of forms. Each and every design follows a clever concept and the inherent logic of the craft.

Niessing Manufactory

Made in Germany with love

Each piece of Niessing NOW jewelry is individually handcrafted by our jewelry makers and goldsmiths at our manufactory in Vreden in the German region Münsterland, where Niessing has been creating unique jewelry since 1873. 

Niessing Sustainability

Natural materials, ecologically sourced

We attach great importance to sustainability for the materials we use. Our precious metals are reclaimed raw materials extracted in urban mining processes. We regard the use of recycled metals as the most ecologically approach. The packaging for Niessing NOW is made of renewable resources, too, such as cork or paper. Enjoy your jewelry with a clear conscience.

Experience Niessing Live

Jewelry is something that needs to be looked at, touched, and tried on. Stop by and see for yourself! In our shops or those of our partners, you will be shown a large selection of engagement rings, wedding rings, and many other pieces of jewelry in the typical Niessing design.


Niessing Now
Niessing Now Twist
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Niessing Now Galaxy