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Niessing Ring® Round

A unique original

A simple ring and a floating diamond is all it takes for the original tension ring. The Niessing Ring® Round is an award-winning classic, a floating diamond ring that made design history. (Copyright by Walter Wittek)

Niessing Ring® Round Edition 40

The anniversary of a design icon

The Niessing Ring® ROUND turns 40 - and we celebrate the birthday of this design icon with an exclusive, strictly limited edition 2019.

Niessing Ring® Round

A classic today

The original form of all tension rings is a lasting design icon. The circle profile perfectly brings out the beauty and the basic idea of the tension ring with its floating diamond. (Copyright by Walter Wittek)

Niessing Ring® Bauhaus

A tribute to Bauhaus

2019 marks the celebration of a significant design anniversary: Bauhaus turns 100! Niessing Ring® Bauhaus is our tribute to the sensuous minimalism of Bauhaus design.

Niessing Ring® Bauhaus

Bauhaus harmony of colors and forms

The Bauhaus theory of colors and forms associates blue with the circle, red with the square, and yellow with the triangle. Niessing’s floating diamond ring translates this idea in terms of jewelry.

Niessing Ring® Bauhaus

The beauty of tension

The diamond is set laterally into the wide ring band, creating a boldly dynamic and spectacularly different tension ring. Celebrate 100 years of Bauhaus with us!

Niessing Ring® Heaven

Reach for the sky

The design is clear and straightforward, the appeal is feminine.

Niessing Ring® Heaven

Beautiful company

They enjoy each other's company. A Niessing Ring® with a floating diamond and Niessing Satellite join in a beautiful sparkle.

Niessing Ring® Heaven Highlights

Line of light

A delicate line of small diamonds traces the sweeping outline of the floating diamond ring. Set exactly in the center, the line illuminates the soft ring form.

Niessing Ring® Antares

A star so bright

One of the brightest stars in our night sky inspired us to create the Niessing Ring® innovation Antares.

Niessing Ring® Antares

Radiant colors

Manufactured in platinum or gold of selected Niessing Colors, Niessing Antares holds white or naturally colored diamonds and outglows its surrounding.

Niessing Ring® HighEnd

A stage for your diamond

Confident and upright, the ring strives upward, lifting the diamond onto a stage, where everyone can see its beauty and sparkle.

Niessing Ring® HighEnd

Love lifts us up

The Niessing Ring® HighEnd has a clear outline and a powerful form. From the wide bottom, the ring tapers unobtrusively toward the top, where ring band and diamond meet to form a clear structure for a stunning performance.

Niessing Ring® HighEnd Highlights

Precious outline

The tiny diamonds themselves seem to be holding the large solitaire. Only one side of the ring has a diamond pavé, leaving the choice to you which side to show.

Niessing Ring® Lucia

The magic of light

Powerful and feminine, Niessing Lucia intensifies the diamond's sparkling brilliance.

Niessing Ring® Lucia

The power of names

Lucia means »she who brings light; graceful light«. Niessing Lucia brings together the warmth of candlelight with the cool sparkle of a starry sky.

Niessing Ring® Lucia

Two sparkling companions

Niessing Ring® Lucia and Niessing Memory enjoy each other's company.

Niessing Ring® Lucia


Only highly skilled precious stone workers master the art of setting diamonds into tension rings.

Niessing Ring®

History of a design icon


Niessing Ring® Round: The Niessing Ring® is designed. The ring in its original form is awarded and protected by copyright. (Design by Walter Wittek)


With its clear outline and powerful form, Niessing Ring® HighEnd is a typical example of Niessing's design language.


Niessing Ring® Oval: The oval ring profile emerges as a result of searching for the perfect wearing comfort.


Niessing Ring® Narciss: The mesmerizing glow of Narciss spreads all around. The diamond is reflected like the image of Narcissus in the pool of water.


Niessing Ring® Everest: The summiteer with ample space for a spectacular diamond.


Niessing Ring® Queen & King: Expressive, powerful, and independent—perfect for the upcoming turn of the millennium.


Niessing Ring® OpenEnd: The sweeping form is inspired by the Niessing Ring® HighEnd.


Niessing Ring® Heaven: Feminine and soft, with the diamond floating at a spectacular height.


Niessing Ring® Highlights: Fine, pavé-set diamonds make the solitaire glow even more intensely.


Niessing Ring® Lucia: Expressive energy and flowing curves for large diamonds of more than 1.0 ct.


Niessing Ring® Antares: The slimmest of all floating diamond rings, slender and powerful, pure and exceptional, cheerfully colored.


Niessing Ring® Bauhaus: This architectural ring is designed as a tribute to the Bauhaus centennial.


Niessing Ring® Round Edition 40: Niessing celebrates the anniversary with a strictly limited edition.

Niessing Ring® Tapered

Pure harmony

This floating diamond ring flows suavely from a slender and slim classic oval at the bottom, growing wider to the top, where the diamond is.

Niessing Ring® Tapered

Smooth and balanced

Just like in nature, there is neither too much nor too little. All transitions are soft and smooth. A timeless, classic design.

Niessing Ring® Tapered Highlights

A precious treasure

A sea of sparkles. Innumerable small diamonds surround the precious solitaire with their sparkling splendor.

Niessing Ring® Oval

It's your love, your life, your ring

True Niessing classics: each Niessing Ring® Oval is manufactured in a different, beautiful Niessing Color of gold, creating a spectrum for the senses and for your very own style.

Niessing Ring® Oval

Simple and simply good!

A ring with an oval profile has the perfect basic form: soft and without any edges, it smoothly fits to the finger.

Niessing Ring® Oval Aura®

Glowing and flocking colors

Does the gold pick up the sherry color from the diamond? Does the white diamond highlight the intense glow of gray gold? Precious stone and beautiful gold enter into a sublime symbiosis.

Experience Niessing Live

Jewelry is something that needs to be looked at, touched, and tried on. Stop by and see for yourself! In our shops or those of our partners, you will be shown a large selection of engagement rings, wedding rings, and many other pieces of jewelry in the typical Niessing design.

Niessing Colors

The most beautiful colors of gold

The soul of gold has many colors: gold that is soft and warm like a sandy beach, or fresh and clear like a summer morning at the lake; gold that glows like the sun in that special moment just before it goes down. Gold that is so beautiful that it seems to blush. Pure gold, in rich yellow. Niessing managed to draw a color spectrum from precious gold that is truly unique. Niessing made the color wheel of gold come full circle.

Niessing Diamonds

Each stone is unique

Splendid, sparkling, and precious! A diamond must be treated well, or else it will keep its sparkling secret to itself. Niessing diamonds are top-quality; they have to meet the highest demands for being set into a Niessing Ring®. Discover sparkling white and precious, naturally colored diamonds!


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Niessing Ring®  Tapered
Niessing Ring®  HighEnd
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