Niessing Ring® HighEnd

Clear and powerful

A stage for your diamond
Confident and upright, the ring reaches upward, lifting the diamond onto a stage, where everyone can see its beauty and sparkle.

A splendid ring for sparkling diamonds
The Niessing Ring® HighEnd has a clear outline and a powerful form. From a wide, sweeping bottom, the ring tapers unobtrusively upward, toward the diamond. The ring’s two arms reach out to hold and protect the precious stone. There is virtually no limit to the size of the diamond. A splendid ring for splendid diamonds, confident and sparkling.

Niessing Ring® HighEnd Highlights

Precious outline

The tiny diamonds themselves seem to be holding the large solitaire. It is typical of Niessing that only one side of the ring has a diamond pavé. Do I want the diamonds for myself today, or do I want others to enjoy their sparkle, too? Each day has a different sparkle…

Exclusive design for strong emotions
Is it possible to have many small diamonds highlight the solitaire without entering into competition and distracting from its sparkle?

In HighEnd Highlights, the pavé outline of diamonds emphasizes the clear, powerful form of the tension ring. The small diamonds run along one side while the other side remains pure: a different sparkle for each day!

Niessing Ring® Highend Highlights opens new views of the familiar; it brings together exclusive design and strong emotions. Let yourself be surprised!

Niessing Ring® HighEnd

Limited Edition Hearts & Arrows

The perfect diamonds
Canadian Hearts & Arrows diamonds are considered ideal: They rank among the most beautiful, sparkling, and precious diamonds in the world. Less than one percent of all diamonds are Ideal Cut Hearts & Arrows diamonds. The Niessing Ring® HighEnd with its graphically clear, austerely architectural form holds a 1.0 ct Ideal Square™ Cut diamond. This patented cut is exclusively on offer in Germany from Niessing.

Hearts & Arrows meet “Heart and Arrow”
Is there a better match than a precious Canadian Hearts & Arrows diamond and an original Niessing Ring® bearing the punch mark “Heart and Arrow”? Discover unique tension rings in a strictly limited edition.

Niessing diamonds

Each stone is unique

Splendid, sparkling, and precious! A diamond must be treated well, or else it will keep its sparkling secret to itself. Niessing diamonds are top-quality; they have to meet the highest demands for being set into a Niessing Ring®. Discover sparkling white and precious, naturally colored diamonds!

Niessing platinum

Pure, sensuous, beyond comparison

Platinum is an excellent material for setting diamonds. It is naturally white and perfectly brings out the fire of diamonds, making a fascinating contrast to the sparkle of a naturally colored diamond. Prickly cool and excitingly warm, pleasantly weighty and gentle as a feather. Niessing platinum is love at first sight!

Niessing colors

For the love of colors

Colors can enchant you; they create harmony. Which of the Niessing Colors for precious metals looks best with your complexion, which reflects your personality? Whichever you choose, the colors of love will get under your skin.

Niessing Ring® HighEnd


Niessing Ring®


Confidently, the tension ring lifts the diamond onto a stage where everyone can see its beauty and sparkle.


Niessing Ring®


A perfect combination: the clear structure of HighEnd and a sparkling, Ideal Square Cut™ Hearts & Arrows diamond. Exclusively in platinum and strictly limited.


Niessing Ring®


Typically Niessing: only one side of the ring has a diamond pavé.  Will the ring sparkle for all today—or only for you? Each day has a different glow…


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