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Design and Milestones

Contemporary jewelry design

For more than 140 years, people at Niessing in Vreden have been thinking, designing and producing jewelry. The manufactory was founded as a workshop for devotional objects, which also produced wedding rings in addition to religious jewelry. Today, Niessing is an internationally established brand and one of the most renowned addresses for contemporary German jewelry design.

Niessing Manufactory

Handmade since 1873

Since 1873 and to this day the manufactory with its workshops is the heart of Niessing. All pieces of jewelry are made in Vreden / Germany: from the design over the alloying and of gold and platinum to the finished piece of jewelry, at Niessing everything is under one roof. Workshop and design department research and develop in close cooperation. We are convinced that this is the only way to create great design.

Niessing Colors

Colors of Love

Niessing specializes in unique gold alloys. For decades, our specialists have repeatedly succeeded in creating unique golden tones. No matter which of the many Niessing gold tones your favorite tone becomes: the colors of gold shine right into the heart! The idea of sustainability also plays an important role at Niessing throughout the entire production process.