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A joy every day

Each piece of Niessing jewelry is designed with great care and passion, manufactured in the highest craftsmanship in Vreden, Germany. Every piece of jewelry with diamonds is assigned an ID number, which allows the history and the authenticity of a piece of jewelry to be traceable.


A joy that spans generations

Niessing places the highest demands on the service of its jewelry. Depending on your wishes, Niessing carries out various services with the greatest care.


Trust and loyalty

Each Niessing design is tested before being launched, and products such as the Niessing Spannring® undergo individual measurement procedures. Niessing offers an international warranty on manufacturing defects of two years from the date of purchase. Niessing reserves the right of final decision.

NIESSING Check-Service

Regular check-ups for lifelong enjoyment

Let a Niessing Partner appraise and examine your jewelry at regular intervals free of charge. For pieces with diamonds worn every day, we recommend an interval of one to two years (postage may be charged).


As beautiful as on the first day

Rings and jewelry change when worn. Depending on your wishes, the pieces of jewelry can be refreshed or completely refurbished. Please contact a Niessing Partner.

NIESSING size changes

Always a fit

One size change for rings up to a maximum of four weeks after the date of purchase is carried out by Niessing free of charge (except pavé-set rings). Niessing also changes worn rings at fair prices. Only authorized Niessing partners make the changes at Niessing.

NIESSING watches Service

For a timeless look

Niessing offers comprehensive services ranging from basic to full servicing. Each servicing restores the extraordinary texture of the watch.

Niessing Care

Wear jewelry consciously

Wear and experience your jewelry. Our pieces of jewelry are created for a long life – different care is recommended for different pieces of jewelry. Rings fully set with diamonds or holding a solitaire require greater care than simple rings.

Receive your NIESSING jewelry in its original condition. Service work carried out by unauthorized third parties will result in voiding the warranty and limiting services.


A life together

Your jewelry shares your life. Matt surfaces begin to shine, and polished ones become matt. The texture changes, an individual patina is created. Doesn't jewelry only become your very personal symbol through the individual traces of wear?

Niessing Care

Treating with care

You can help to preserve the beauty of your piece of jewelry. Clean your jewelry with hot water, a little soap and a soft cloth or brush. Refreshing work should only be carried out by an authorized Niessing Partner.

NIESSING Engraving

A message for eternity

Life will leave traces—inscribe the most beautiful ones into your ring!

NIESSING Engraving

Lustrous diamond engraving

In classic diamond engraving, the writing is carved into the jewelry piece using a diamond. This type of engraving is shiny and can be read especially well in rings that are finished matt on the inside.

NIESSING Engraving

Precise laser engraving

Laser engravings are matt. Writing or even your fingerprint will come out particularly well in wedding rings that are polished inside.

NIESSING Engraving

Personal service

Would you like to eternalize a name or a date in your own handwriting? Are you interested in having a small drawing engraved? Then you also have the choice between laser and diamond engraving. We will need your original draft to produce a facsimile engraving. Please ask your Niessing jeweler about this.

NIESSING Engraving

Individual manual engraving

Manual engravings are particularly individual. An expert engraver will pierce your message into your wedding rings by hand: letter by letter, icon by icon, inscribed for eternity.

Experience Niessing Live

Jewelry is something that needs to be looked at, touched, and tried on. Stop by and see for yourself! In our shops or those of our partners, you will be shown a large selection of engagement rings, wedding rings, and many other pieces of jewelry in the typical Niessing design.

Niessing Diamonds

Each stone is unique

A diamond is pure magic. Each one glows with a fire of its own, displaying its unique character. Learn all about the shapes and grades of clarity, about brilliant white diamonds and those in the most beautifully natural colors, about weight and origin.

Niessing Love Wall

A very special guest book – and a true artwork

Are you now looking forward to a wedding celebration that you and your guests will always remember? With the Niessing Love Wall, you can commit the impressions of your special day to eternal memory in this very personal wedding guest book and individual piece of art.


Press room with the latest news

The latest press releases and texts can be found in our press room. Images and texts are available for you to download. Please send your requests to pr@niessing.com.