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Niessing Sustainability

Responsible conduct as a core value

Niessing has made wedding rings and jewelry in Vreden/Germany since 1873. Sustainability is an integral part of the entire value creation process. Ecological and social aspects are considered holistically at Niessing.


Certified member of the Responsible Jewelry Council

Influenced by the Bauhaus culture fixed in the company, the topic of sustainability has been part of our thoughts and actions for many years in all its dimensions. 

In 2021 we became a certified member of the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC). You can download the current Niessing Sustainability Report 2021 here.

Niessing Team

Working together for Niessing

The Niessing team in Vreden comprises over 140 employees. Each year we train 10 young employees in the area of production as well as the commercial field. Our working conditions define the demands of a premium manufactory. We place value on further training, and we regularly have our company audited by external specialists in regard to safety and health at the workplace. Friendly social interaction, professional conduct, ideal work environment and teamwork are important to us.

Niessing production

Made by hand

Each piece of Niessing jewelry is made at the manufactory in Vreden. In so doing, our team works according to traditional methods and combines these with state-of-the-art tools and high-tech machines. This is how perfect, high-quality pieces of jewelry are created. "Made in Germany" is a given that motivates us, and for you it is a guarantee of outstanding quality and sustainability.

Niessing precious metal

ecological responsibility

Niessing precious metals are obtained in a sustainable manner. Our suppliers (refineries) for precious metals confirm in written statements that the gold we are using is exclusively from the recovery of secondary resources (recycling), which is also referred to as urban mining. We obtain precious metals from certified German and Swiss refineries. The entire alloying process takes place at Niessing in the manufactory, where recycling and reutilization also have top priority. Recycled precious metal is the most sustainable source for our exclusive pieces of jewelry.

Niessing Diamond

Simply a good feeling

The purchase of a diamond is a matter of trust. Niessing confirms that all diamonds are subject to the »system of warranties« of the »Kimberley certificate«. This means that only diamonds of ethically unobjectionable origin are used. Completely independent of the certificate, Niessing once more inspects the quality of the diamonds in its own diamond laboratory. You would like to know everything about your diamonds? Then you should choose Canadian diamonds! This allows you to trace the journey of the diamonds online – from the mine to the finished diamond.

Icons of Design

Sustainability begins with timeless design

Our designers think in terms of decades rather than seasonal trends. Niessing design is timeless. It is our aspiration to create icons of design, thereby creating pieces of jewelry that remain up to date over decades. Our design is of lasting value, defining style and grace.

Experience Niessing Live

Jewelry is something that needs to be looked at, touched, and tried on. Stop by and see for yourself! In our shops or those of our partners, you will be shown a large selection of engagement rings, wedding rings, and many other pieces of jewelry in the typical Niessing design.