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Niessing Diamonds

Each stone is unique

A diamond is pure magic. Each one glows with a fire of its own, displaying its unique character. Learn all about the shapes and grades of clarity, about brilliant white diamonds and those in the most beautifully natural colors, about weight and origin. Discover your perfect Niessing diamond!

1. Carat

The unit of mass

Historical background: The term stems from the original unit of weight, the carob seed, or kerátion, in Greek. The average weight of the seed is 0.2 grams, and deviations are only slight. One carat (ct) therefore corresponds to 0.2 grams, and the unit of measure continues to be used today.

2. Cut

The cut

The cut of a diamond defines its shape and brilliance. Only the perfect cut reveals its typical radiance and turns an unremarkable rough diamond into a gemstone that sparkles...

3. Color

The color

In addition to carbon, diamonds nearly always contain tiny traces of other elements that influence their coloring. Experts thereby differentiate between the finest shades of color: they range from diamonds in particularly valuable, "highly fine white" to those that are white or slightly tinted diamonds.

4. Clarity


The property of »clarity« describes whether a diamond has inclusions and, if so, how many. Many diamonds show the fingerprints of nature that are contained within them forever. Among these are tiny traces of minerals, fine cracks or growth marks.

5. Confidence


Your confidence in Niessing. We declare that our diamonds are subject to the ‘System of warranties’ of the ‘Kimberley Certificate’, as guaranteed to us by our suppliers. Each diamond is specifically examined by our Niessing diamond experts.

Diamond Tracing


You have chosen a Canadian diamond? Here you can trace the origin of your diamond back to the mine and the rough crystal. Test the Diamond Tracing with the certificate numbers 104081312001 (Ideal Round Cut) and 104081346003 (Ideal Square™ Cut).