Niessing aura® wedding rings

The soft colors of love

Original and sensuous

Can gold be re-invented? The mind says: Impossible! But the heart knows better. On the very first encounter with Niessing aura®, you will feel its original sensuousness. As if this gold has been waiting all along to be discovered. Just like the one and only true love.

Never-ending flow of colors

Niessing aura® is the result of a long quest. Our knowledge about handling gold helped us to give form to a new idea: a gradual color flow, warm, sensuous and pristine, from gentle red to suave gray, as a symbol of never ending love.

Niessing aura® Horizontal

love at first sight


An innovative variation of the classic Niessing aura® gold: All color nuances from soft red to fine gray run horizontally and are visible at the same time. Aura horizontally combines seeming opposites and reveals the most exciting interstices of gold. The Tonneau wedding ring with its broad, rich surface makes the unique color profile particularly attractive – and is the ideal companion for a Niessing Satellite Ring.


The special feature of aura horizontal: All 18 alloy colors are visible on the ring at the same time. The never-before-seen intermediate notes make Niessing aura® horizontal rings into a total art work and give them a unique aura. Two completely different colors give a new sound.

Niessing aura® wedding ring and tension ring

A perfect couple

An aura for your diamond

A plain wedding ring in Niessing aura® gold for HIM, a Niessing aura® tension ring for HER: they will make the perfect couple! The precious diamond and the precious metal form a very special combination. Is the diamond’s sparkle so bright that the gold picks up its color? Or does the gold give its color to the diamond?

A sherry-colored diamond will bring out the glow in red gold, while a sparkling white diamond will intensify the shine of gray gold. Discover the perfect color combination for your personality, for your love. Whichever you choose, your wedding ring will have an aura!

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