Niessing Hammerblow Linea

As unique as your love

A ring of impact

The work of hands formed this ring. The goldsmith uses one of the oldest techniques of his craft. With a fine hammer, he places the ornamental lines. Lengthwise? Crosswise? In motion? Always accomplished!

For all eternity

The precious metal takes the hammer blows well. It becomes both hard and supple, prepared for a small eternity.

A structure full of life

The goldsmith’s expertise gives the Niessing wedding rings Hammerblow Linea a fine texture that is full of shimmering life. The rings in platinum seem to shine like the moon, and in the warmer gold shades they look like desert dunes or like the swaying sea in sundown…

Calm and dynamic

The effect of the wedding rings depends not only on their color, but also on the direction of the hammer blows. A classic, calm impression is created with the structure running around the ring lengthwise. Running crosswise, the structure appears rhythmic and powerful. The diagonal structure is highly dynamic and seems to be in constant motion.

Each ring is unique

The goldsmith’s devoted work can be forever traced in the Niessing wedding ring Hammerblow Linea. Each and every one is precious and unique, like your love.

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