Niessing Satellite Colors

Art and color for your hand

The fascinating world of colors

Nine tempting Niessing colors of gold, three diamond colors, four different textures, two ring profiles, and four different heights: discover the virtually unlimited possibilities!

Lines of sparkle

The finely proportioned rings are as slender as possible; they seem to be made entirely of diamonds. Our specifically developed high-precision technique allows us to set the  diamonds extremely close to each other — almost too close to be true. The ring profile can be either a slim, oblong rectangle, or a delicate oblong oval, both of them softly curved on the inside for wearing comfort. Gloss, Satin, Velvet, and Nature are the different finishes for the surface texture.

You can have any number of diamonds, from one individual diamond to many of them, until they come full circle around the entire ring. The maximum number of diamonds is only  limited by the ring size. The diamonds can also be added on different occasions over the years.
Slender rings in a blaze of colors

The range of colors adds even more options. You have the choice between moon white platinum or gold in one of the Niessing colors Sand Gray, Fine Gray, Ivory, Spring Green, Classic Yellow, Fine Rose, Classic Red, or Rosewood. Do you prefer white diamonds? Or would you rather have precious, rare, naturally colored diamonds in a warm cinnamon tone or in intense yellow? The choice is all yours!

Niessing Satellite Curves


Niessing Satellite Curves form a new generation of colorful Niessing Satellite rings. They send even larger diamonds of 0.02 ct to 0.05 ct into their orbit. This was made possible thanks to a pointed setting method specifically developed and refined by Niessing. The beauty of the diamonds is highlighted and condensed; like sparkling stars, they circle the

Niessing Satellite Curves are suitable for wearing them individually on their own, or for combining and collecting. They are available in platinum or gold in any of the Niessing Colors. They look great with other rings, too: Niessing Satellite Curves lend a colorful accent to the floating diamond of a Niessing Ring®, with the delicate diamonds orbiting the solitaire,
their glow reflecting its sparkle. The sparkling lines of diamonds also make a perfect companion for a Niessing Wedding Ring.

Niessing Satellite Colors

Natural-colored diamond highlights

A colorful accent for the Niessing Ring®

Moon white platinum and gold in all Niessing colors, sparkling white diamonds and rare, naturally colored diamonds — Niessing Satellite Colors are slender rings in a blaze of colors. The delicate, sparkling line of diamonds makes a perfect companion for a wedding ring. To a Niessing Ring®, Satellite Colors will add a colorful accent, with the fine diamonds encircling the solitaire, their glow reflecting its sparkle.

Love has many colors

On its own, Niessing Satellite Colors makes a joyful solo appearance; as a collectible it enters into ever-changing color combinations. Soft and suave or wild and flashy? Subdued pastels or expressive brightness? Soft gray gold next to bright yellow, brown-reddish gold next to greenish gold, white diamonds next to yellow ones, yellow diamonds next to cinnamon-colored diamonds… Create a unique, colorful artwork for your hand!

Niessing Colors

What is the color of your love?

Colors work magic; they create harmony. Which of the Niessing Colors for precious metals looks best with your complexion; which reflects your personality? Whichever you choose, the colors of love will get under your skin.

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