Niessing Soul

A close connection

A soul in gold

Each love has a deep, special magic of its own: a soul in gold. This is a delicate and perceptive soul; it is not tangible, and yet, it is expressively symbolized by this simple line.

Combined in powerful glow

The delicate, central line emphasizes the basic color of the wedding ring and condenses its glow. These soul combinations are available:

Platinum/Sand Gray.

The fine line of Sand Gray casts a breath of warmth on moon white platinum.

Rosewood/Classic Red.

Softly shimmering Rosewood is highlighted with a powerful soul of intense red.

Classic Yellow/Warm Yellow.

The deep glow of Classic Yellow and the delicate line of fine gold shine like a bright summer sunset.

Ivory/Fine Gray.

Rings in soft, pale green infused with a breeze of cool gray make a perfect harmony.

Forever joined

The simple, slender line of color is merely a gentle flare, only a subtle hint, and yet, it forms a strong, eternal bond and a highly eloquent symbol of how deeply love affects the life of two people.

Each love has a special magic of its own, condensed in a fine line of gold.


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Niessing Gravuren

Beeindruckend, was sich Liebende zu sagen haben! Wie soll die Botschaft überbracht werden? Bei Niessing können Sie zwischen vielen Formen der Gravur wählen.


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Niessing colors

Niessing stellt alle Legierungen selbst her! Reinweißes Platin und zwölf einzigartige Farben des Goldes: Welche Nuance strahlt mitten in Ihr Herz?


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Seit über 140 Jahren schmiedet Niessing Trauringe: das schönste Symbol für ewige Liebe ohne Anfang und Ende. So entstehen die Ringe zum großen Glück.


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Niessing Design

Designer, Goldschmiede und Techniker arbeiten bei Niessing Hand in Hand. Wie aus Erfahrung, Mut und Leidenschaft faszinierendes Schmuckdesign entsteht.