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Jewelry icons - since 1873

Contemporary design, pure form, and highest quality: Each piece of Niessing jewelry is a precious original,

manufactured specifically for you. Enjoy our jewelry icons.



Be realistic – and try the impossible! Niessing Topia Vision is an exclusive world first that makes the seemingly impossible possible: The collection transforms fascinating visions into precious jewelry.

Niessing Spannring® Color Limited Edition

when pure design meets the most beautiful colors

In platinum - and only now in Purple Gray or Peach Pink gold.

Are you ready for the original?

Niessing jewelry

For personalities

Pure, contemporary design and the simple beauty of precious materials: jewelry by Niessing, jewelry for your very own, personal style.

Niessing jewelry

Passion for modern jewelry design

Discover new jewelry concepts, exceptional materials, and new textures, sparkling diamonds and gold in the most amazing of colors.



The pendant presents the Niessing Spannring® in a new dimension, its particularly delicate and even proportions uniting strength and gracefulness.



As much sparkling brilliance as possible, as little precious metal as necessary: The Niessing Princess Collection focuses on the precious diamond.

Niessing engagement rings

The most beautiful proposal

»Will you marry me?« is the most beautiful of all questions. A Niessing engagement ring adds a touch of eternity to this special moment. The clear design puts the focus on the precious diamond.

Niessing Spannring® Heaven

Reach for the sky

The design is clear and straightforward, the appeal is feminine. They enjoy each other's company: A Niessing Spannring® with a floating diamond and a Niessing Satellite engagement ring make a beautiful couple.

Niessing Amatis

Inspired by love

Love, the desire to become one with the lover, embodied in an engagement ring made from one single piece of precious metal. Is there a more beautiful symbol of deep affection?

Niessing Spannring® Antares

A star so bright

One of the brightest stars in our night sky inspired us to create one of Niessing's latest floating ring innovations Antares. Antares is the brightest star in the constellation of Scorpius and it is one of the distinctly shining stars in our night sky.

Niessing Princess

A perfect companion for a wedding ring

Niessing Princess is an exceptional engagement ring that will make a perfect companion for the future wedding ring. With the diamond in its raised position, the slender ring will fit comfortably to the wedding ring.

Niessing wedding ring designer

What is the color of your love?

Have you already found your color? The one and only color for your love? Only Niessing can offer so many exceptional colors of gold. What is the color of your love?

Niessing wedding rings

Straight to the heart

You wear your ring on your hand. And you carry it in your heart. Find the right Niessing wedding ring for your personality - and the perfect symbol for your love.

Niessing wedding rings with a story

Your tango of life

Two rings, two personalities. The tango of life, the dancers in perfect harmony, and yet so wonderfully different.



Probably the oldest symbol of love, hidden in a ring - and only the lovers know the secret: The cross-section of their wedding rings is shaped like a heart.


Lifetime companion

Niessing Memory grows with time, each diamond standing for a special event as a sparkling souvenir of your most precious moments.

Niessing Spannring®

The magic of a great idea

Nine different designs, platinum and gold in the unique Niessing Colors, sparkling white diamonds and rare, naturally colored diamonds make an exciting, many-sided design icon of the Niessing Spannring®.

Niessing Spannring®

A diamond in the moment of tension

Pure, clear, and timeless: Niessing Spannring® is the brilliant solitaire of today. The precious stone is held in the ring band solely by the power of tension, without a setting. It seems to float above the hand.

Niessing Spannring® Lucia


The Niessing Spannring® Lucia unites expressive energy and flowing curves in perfect balance. Discover the magic of light!

Niessing NOW

Tattoo designer

Find your tattoo in our gallery or be creative yourself.


Shine bright

The now is intense and full of energy—live each powerful moment of it. YOU are the center between the past and the future!

Experience Niessing Live

Jewelry is something that needs to be looked at, touched, and tried on. Stop by and see for yourself! In our shops or those of our partners, you will be shown a large selection of engagement rings, wedding rings, and many other pieces of jewelry in the typical Niessing design.

Niessing design

Clear design language

At Niessing, we expect a whole lot from our jewelry. Jewelry has to express individuality. It has to fit the present and be timeless, too. Jewelry has to appeal to the intellect. And it should go straight to the heart. Ever since the Niessing Design Department, the so-called »White House«, was established in the mid-1970s, the focus has been on a clear design language. Niessing jewelry is pure form, reduced to the essential.

Niessing manufactory

Niessing manufactory

Made by hand

Since 1873 until today, the manufactory with its workshops is at the heart of Niessing. All Niessing jewelry is manufactured in Vreden. From designing, to melting the bars of gold or platinum, to finishing the jewelry—it all takes place under one roof. Workshops and design department work closely together in research and development. It is our conviction that this is the only way to create truly good design.

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Niessing manufactory
Niessing Love Wall

Niessing love wall

A very special guest book

For a wedding celebration that you and your guests will always remember: With the Niessing Love Wall, you can commit the impressions of your special day to eternal memory in this very personal wedding guest book and individual piece of art.

Niessing Diamonds

Niessing diamonds

Diamond world and diamond tracing

Each diamond is unique. Find out more about the 4 C's of diamonds—carat, color, clarity, and cut—and about their origin. Find your favorite!

Niessing Colors

Niessing colors

Colors of love

For many decades, our specialists have been creating unique, beautiful colors of gold. No matter which of the many Niessing shades of gold will become your favorite: the colors of gold go straight to the heart!