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Niessing engagement rings

The most beautiful proposal

»Will you marry me?« is the most beautiful of all questions. A Niessing engagement ring adds a touch of eternity to this special moment.

Niessing Spannring® Heaven

Reach for the sky

The design is clear and straightforward, the appeal is feminine.

Niessing Spannring® Heaven

Beautiful company

They enjoy each other's company: A Niessing Spannring® with a floating diamond and a Niessing Satellite engagement ring make a beautiful couple.

Niessing Princess

Princess for my princess

So graceful, so colorful, so gorgeous. A slender engagement ring, almost invisibly holding a splendid diamond. Just perfect for my princess!



Niessing Princess C appears soft and feminine, crowns every vow, and fits perfectly with every Niessing wedding ring: A crown for my princess.

Niessing Princess

Exactly crafter

Our goldsmiths manufacture each of these exceptional engagement rings individually according to your wishes, specifically for the princess of your heart.

Niessing Amatis

Inspired by love

Love, the desire to become one with the lover, embodied in an engagement ring made from one single piece of precious metal. Is there a more beautiful symbol of deep affection?

Niessing Amatis

Four or six prongs?

How many prongs do you want to hold the diamond? Four or six, puristic or classic: choose the look you like best!



Crafted from a single piece of precious metal, Niessing Amatis fine signifies the unique symbiosis of two lovers. We are united in love.



A gently rounded ring that holds the precious diamond safely and securely in a delicate crown. What lovelier symbol could there be to pledge eternal love?



An engagement ring that consists almost entirely of diamonds: the fine diamonds encircle the finger like twinkling stars and still emphasizes the beauty of the precious engagement solitaire.



The Niessing Lily engagement ring is made from a single bar of precious metal, and it perfectly showcases the diamond. This sparkle is the most beautiful symbol of your love: Cover you with sunshine.

Niessing Lotus

To you, I open my heart

With the power of a budding flower, Niessing Lotus lifts up the diamond.

Niessing Lotus

Masterpiece of craft

Niessing Lotus takes inspiration from its graceful predecessor of the same name. Innovative manufacturing methods give new life to Niessing Lotus.

5 steps to your engagement ring

Your own personal Niessing engagement ring in 5 steps

With over 140 years of experience for rings »made in Germany«, a strong commitment to highest quality, and an intense love for details, our engagement rings are tailor-made individually for you.

5 steps to your engagement ring

01. Form

Which form reflects your individuality and your love? Is it an engagement ring with a classic diamond setting or a Niessing Spannring® design icon? Follow your feelings...

5 steps to your engagement ring

02. Diamond

Diamonds are as unique as your love. What size should your engagement diamond have? Do you love bright white or do you prefer a naturally colored diamond? In the selection, the "four C" - Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat - and the fifth feature Confidence, Trust, provide a good guide.

5 steps to your engagement ring

03. Precious metal

Which precious metal will embrace and hold your diamond? Which gold color is in tune with your favorite diamond, with your complexion, and with your personality? Niessing offers a range of beautiful, unique gold colors as well as moon white platinum.

5 steps to your engagement ring

04. Texture

The particular texture and finish of the precious metal further distinguishes your Niessing engagement ring. The finish Gloss turns your ring into an entrancing mirror of gold or platinum. Matt textures, such as Satin, Velvet, or Nature, perfectly bring out form and color.

5 steps to your engagement ring

05. Engraving

Life will leave traces—imprint them onto your ring! Tender words, a drawing, a fingerprint... A message written into your Niessing engagement ring by laser, diamond, or manual engraving is inscribed for eternity.

Niessing Stella

A star from heaven

Inspired by a forerunner of Niessing's floating diamond rings, Niessing Stella is a modern classic sparkling with a completely new brilliance.

Niessing Stella

Stella shines for you only

The delicate bezel setting makes the diamond appear larger and gently raises it above the ring. Ring and setting become one.

Niessing Stella

Perfect partners

Niessing Stella makes a beautiful partner for a Niessing wedding ring. With the diamond slightly raised above the wedding band, the two rings will smoothly fit together.

Niessing Spannring® Lucia

The magic of light

Niessing Lucia is a floating diamond ring, a jewelry ring, and an engagement ring that brings a magical light to the love of two people.



The finely tuned proportions and perfectly balanced curves now make it possible for the Niessing Ring® Lucia to hold even smaller diamonds starting at 0.3 ct.

Niessing Spannring® Lucia

Beautiful company

They enjoy each other's company, the engagement ring Niessing Lucia and the wedding ring Niessing Memory. The delicate line of diamonds emphasizes the stunning solitaire.



What could better highlight a single diamond that numerous small diamonds? The Niessing Spannring® Lucia Highlights plays with a sparkling line of light.



A fine line of diamonds, either along the side or at the top on the ring band, frames the solitaire and emphasizes its radiance. Discover the magic of light!

Niessing Spannring® Lucia


Only highly skilled precious stone workers master the art of setting diamonds into tension rings. Each ring is precisely adapted to the diamond it holds.

Niessing Diamonds

Your love is unique

An engagement ring is not complete without a diamond! The most precious of all gemstones stands for purity and consistency—a diamond is everlasting, like your love.

Niessing Spannring® HighEnd

Love lifts us up

Are you reaching for the sky? Propose with the Niessing Spannring® HighEnd to emphasize your goals, like the precious diamond reaching out for the loved one.

Niessing Spannring® HighEnd

Clear and powerful

Two straight surfaces hold and protect the diamond; the ring traces the line of tension. A bold construction, and an engagement ring that is as proud and present as your love is.

Niessing Spannring® HighEnd Highlights

Precious outline

Is it possible to have many small diamonds highlight the solitaire without entering into competition and distracting from its sparkle?

NIESSING Spannring® Round

40 years and a design icon

A simple ring and a floating diamond is all it takes for this award-winning classic that made design history. The Niessing Spannring® Round is ideal for those who appreciate clear forms.

NIESSING Spannring® Round

A unique original

The ring has been recognized as a work of art and protected by copyright since 2001. (Design Walter Wittek)

Niessing Spannring® Round

A classic today

The original form of all engagement rings based on the tension ring is a lasting design icon. The circle profile perfectly brings out the beauty and the basic idea of the tension engagement ring with its floating diamond.

Niessing Spannring® Antares

A star so bright

One of the brightest stars in our night sky inspired us to create the Niessing engagement ring innovation Antares.

Niessing Spannring® Antares

Radiant colors

Manufactured in platinum or gold of selected Niessing Colors, Niessing Antares holds white or naturally colored diamonds and outglows its surrounding.

Niessing Spannring® Tapered

Pure harmony

This engagement ring flows suavely from a slender and slim classic oval at the bottom, growing wider to the top, where the diamond is.

Niessing Spannring® Tapered

Smooth and balanced

Just like in nature, there is neither too much nor too little. All transitions are soft and smooth. A timeless, classic design.

Niessing Spannring® Tapered Highlights

A precious treasure

The fine, pavé-set diamonds make the solitaire glow even more intensely. A precious engagement ring for the most precious treasure of your life.

Niessing Spannring® Oval

It's your love, your life, your ring

True Niessing classics: each Niessing engagement ring with the classic, oval profile is manufactured in a different, beautiful Niessing Colors of gold, creating a spectrum for the senses and for your very own style.

Niessing Spannring® Oval

Freedom and trust

Ring and diamond become one. No more and no less. The diamond fits smoothly into the soft oval, held only by the invisible power of tension, free, and yet secure

Niessing Spannring® Oval

The power of tension

The diamond seems to float in the ring; it opens up the ring’s infinite circle with its glow. The spark strikes. A love story, eternalized in a ring.

Impressions from the Manufactory