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Niessing wedding rings

Straight to the heart

You wear your ring on your hand. And you carry it in your heart. Find the right Niessing wedding ring for your personality—and the perfect symbol for your love.

Niessing Colors

What is the color of your love?

The soul of gold has many colors: gold that is soft and warm like a sandy beach, or fresh and clear like a summer morning at the lake. Platinum adds its pure white, warm glow. The range of colors our designers and goldsmiths draw from the precious metals is truly unique.

Niessing Colors


A color that changes with the light, from warm, tawny tones to a rosy, almost violet glow; from a shimmering pink to a burnished brown. Take comfort in its beauty.

Niessing Colors

Fine Rose

A beautiful gold like delicate rose petals, yellow with a blush of red: a romantic dream.

Niessing Colors

Classic Red

A color that glows red like the sun in that special moment just before it disappears into the horizon, reflecting the power of gold.

Niessing Colors

Sand Gray

Inspired by nature, a gold that is as soft and warm like a sandy beach. A gray gold, surprisingly rich and full of color.

Niessing Colors

Fine Gray

A subtle, almost imperceptible soft gold shimmers through the white, just enough to cast a warm glow. True understatement.

Niessing Colors

Fine Gray Coated

The brightest, whitest shade of gold. The fine, yet extremely durable rhodium coat covers even the slightest hue of yellow. A highly pure and clear harmony of colors.

Niessing Colors

Classic Yellow

Pristine, warm, and glowing: gold as gold can be.

Niessing Colors

Warm Yellow

Uncompromisingly gold! Warm Yellow is the shade closest to pure gold: deep yellow with a trace of orange.

Niessing Colors


The clarity of gray joins in a fascinating color play with warm yellow, noble white, and crisp green. Extraordinary and appropriate at the same time.

Niessing Colors

Spring Green

Early-morning yellow with a seductive touch of fresh green, like sunrise over a spring meadow.

Niessing Colors


Beauty that addresses all emotions, flowing from gentle red to suave gray. A warm, unique sensation.

Niessing Colors


Pure silver meets pure gold, cool white dissolves into warm yellow in a gentle transition between the extremes, allowing for all moods.

Niessing Colors


Red and yellow, two strong colors, forever joined like the hearts of two lovers. Both retain their own character, glowing more beautiful than ever before.


Lifetime companion

Niessing Memory grows with time, each diamond standing for a special event as a sparkling souvenir of your most precious moments.

NIESSING Satellite

Say it with colors

The slender, well-proportioned rings seem to be made almost entirely of diamonds. Our specifically developed high-precision technique allows us to set the diamonds extremely close to each other—almost too close to be true.

Niessing Satellite Curves

Diamonds in orbit

The beauty of the diamonds is highlighted and condensed; like sparkling stars, they circle the finger.

Niessing Tango

Opposites attract

Two rings, two personalities. The tango of life, the dancers in perfect harmony, and yet so wonderfully different.

Niessing Tango

Inner connection

Bright, rich gold and cool, classy platinum are inseparably joined.


Rings for a life of happiness

For over 140 years, Niessing has been forging wedding rings from one piece, without beginning or end, as the most beautiful symbol of eternal love.

Niessing aura® Horizontal

Love at first sight

The smooth, gradually flowing horizon of the warm, sensuously pristine colors make a deeply meaningful and very beautiful symbol of endless love.

Niessing Solaris®

Sundown in gold

The harmony of red and yellow creates an intense power, with ever new variations resulting in appealing color melodies. Solaris touches the soul.

Niessing Iris

One and one makes… more!

This is the encounter of two strong characters. Pure silver. Pure gold. Each takes a step toward the other. Something new and beautiful emerges.

Niessing Performance

The most beautiful traces of love

A wedding ring to mark the fresh start into an exciting future together. Niessing Performance keeps moments and memories of your deep love alive in the traces left by life.

Niessing Performance

Eternal memories

Both rings start out smooth and alike; both change with the traces picked up during your life together: never identical, but always in sync. Love leaves the most beautiful traces.

Niessing manufactory

The art of goldsmithing

Forge your happiness from gold—day after day, all life long.

Niessing Love Wall

A very special guest book

For a wedding celebration that you and your guests will always remember: With the Niessing Love Wall, you can commit the impressions of your special day to eternal memory in this very personal wedding guest book and individual piece of art.

Niessing Signum

Your beautiful secret

Only the two of you know the message of love that is concealed under the precious cover of gold or platinum. Time will gently reveal more and more of it.


Your close bond

Your lover's name, secret signs, an unforgettable date: Niessing Signum will keep your message of love.


Trust in time

A person's character is never immediately revealed; it has to be discovered over time.

Niessing Colors

Experience counts

Gold, of course, is the main component of the gold alloys. The admixtures of silver, copper, or palladium determine the color. Even the smallest deviations in quantity, temperature, or in duration of the smelting process rule over success or failure. Melting gold is an art in itself!

Niessing uses exclusively high-quality platinum 950, which is almost pure platinum with only five percent of other metals added. That is important for achieving the optimum quality: Although pure platinum is tough, it is also relatively soft.


In a good conscience

You will be wearing your wedding ring on your finger every day for years. It is a symbol for your love, for your partnership. Are you interested in the birthplace of your ring? Take a look behind the scenes and learn more about your rings!

Niessing Hammerblow Linea

A ring of impact

The work of hands formed this ring. The goldsmith uses one of the oldest techniques of his craft to form the ornamental lines with a fine hammer.

Niessing Hammerblow Linea

For all eternity

The precious metal takes the hammer blows well. It becomes both hard and supple, prepared for a small eternity.

Niessing Hammerblow Linea

Each ring is unique

Worked with care, each and every wedding ring is precious and unique, like your love.

Niessing soul

The magic of love

Each love has a deep, special magic of its own: a soul in gold. Keenly delicate, yet clearly discernible, it is symbolized in the slender line of gold.

Niessing soul

The finest of details

The fine line of Sand Gray casts a breath of warmth on moon white platinum.

Niessing soul

The glow of love

The deep glow of Classic Yellow and the delicate line of fine gold shine like a bright summer sunset.

Niessing engraving

A message for eternity

Life leaves traces - have the most beautiful ones eternalized in your ring.

Niessing Inside

True love from deep inside

Gold or platinum on the outside: durable and enduring. Fine gold on the inside: sensitive, warm, and emotional.

Niessing Inside

Warm, soft, and smooth

A simple wedding ring of platinum or gold in one of many Niessing Colors is lined with pure fine gold on the inside.

Niessing Inside

Subtle color tones

A sheer delight when it touches the skin. The soft glow of fine gold is visible at the edges, as if the ring glows from within.

Niessing Fusion

Two hearts, one soul

A clear, simple ring in platinum or gold in one of many Niessing Colors smoothly fits to the hand. An endless band, a slender line of gold or platinum, runs all along the ring.

Niessing Fusion

Feel the energy

Two precious metals come together. Gold and platinum show their true nature.

Niessing Fusion


Strong characters coming together. There is motion in it. Everything changes. Stories are written by life.

Niessing flower

What makes your love swing?

The Niessing wedding ring Flower joins playful ease and smooth harmony.

Niessing flower

The waves of love

Together, the two rings embrace in gentle waves, representing the lovers’ bond.


Circle loves square

An extravagant wedding ring and a bold, self-confident jewelry ring that is inspired by the design language of architecture.


Unique tactile appeal

The alignment of the cylinders, their gentle swaying, gives the surface a dynamically flowing texture and creates a specific, textile appeal.


For strong personalities

Niessing Flux unites two strong personalities who follow the eternal rhythm of love. They become one without losing themselves.


Your own personal Niessing wedding ring in 6 steps

 You wear your wedding ring on your hand. And you also carry it in your heart. Your love meets with our devotion. More than 140 years of  experience go into manufacturing Niessing Wedding Rings „Made in Germany“: in ultimate quality and with a love for  details. Find the perfect symbol for your love with Niessing.


01. Form

Which form is right for you, for your feelings, and for your personality? Round, vaulted, geometrically clear – or natural, soft, and gentle? Simply try it on, wear it, and feel it: the differences can be immense.


02. Width

Do you go for understatement? Or would you prefer to make a mark with your wedding ring? The same form may appear either very delicate or very powerful according to its width. We will manufacture a Niessing Wedding Ring with the ideal proportions  for each hand – and for each personality.


03. Color

The Niessing Colors are unique: gold that shimmers warm like a sandy beach, or red like sunrise. Gold with a breath of gentle rosewood, delicate ivory, or fresh green. Pure gold in rich yellow – or platinum, sparkling white. Rosewood, Ivory, Sand Gray, Fine Rose ... one of the 12 Niessing Colors is sure to go straight to your heart.


04. Texture

One ring can have a high gloss finish, and the other may have a velvety matt shimmer.  The glossy ring is shiny like a mirror, while matt surfaces, such as Velvet, Nature, or Satin, bring out the ring form. Whatever you choose: your time together will leave the most beautiful traces. They will turn your ring into your very personal symbol of love.


05. Diamond

You can have the precious metal encircle a single diamond – or you can have tiny spots of light scattered across the entire wedding ring. Their sparkle is sure to catch the eye ... life will create plenty of moments for celebrating love. Only a diamond is as everlasting as love is.


06. Gravur

Lovers have truly impressive things to say to each other. So few words and so many emotions. So many ways to deliver your message of devotion: In your own handwriting. With a drawing of your own or with your fingerprint. Express your emotions.

Impressions from the Manufactory

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